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Lars Remodeling & Design Supports Adopt-A-Highway

California’s Adopt-A-Highway program helps save taxpayers millions of dollars in maintenance fees every year. As part of the program, businesses adopt stretches of local highways and take responsibility for the care and maintenance of their assigned area. As San Diego remodelers we take pride in the community, and that’s reflected in our commitment to Adopt-A-Highway,… Read more »

California Outdoor Living Space

As residents of San Diego, we have the opportunity to enjoy something few people around the country can really use: the outdoor room. Our beautiful weather and near-constant sunshine mean that we can be outside as much as we want to. Creating an outdoor living space that is designed as an extension of your indoor… Read more »

“In-Sink” With Bathroom Trends

The Lars Remodeling & Design Team

Are you tuned in to the changes that are happening in 21st century bathrooms? In this most personal and frequently used room in the house, there are changes to give you a luxurious spa retreat, or if it’s your preference, you can stay connected to your world through, phone, internet and tv. Perhaps you want… Read more »

IF ONLY… I had learned these lessons

It’s a sign of a great renovation … if, afterwards, the stories you share do NOT begin with the words “if only…” While you can’t foresee everything that might have an impact on the smooth running of your remodeling project, there are a few things that you can learn from the good – and bad… Read more »

Make The Professional Choice

If your remodeling project is modest you may think that the “top” remodelers in your area are beyond your budget. But in reality, most companies work on a range of projects, from small to large scale renovations. An unwise liaison with a poorly qualified contractor could mean you lose your investment, regardless of the size… Read more »


The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, filling many roles beyond the obvious provision of daily meals. Modern kitchens, more than any other room in the house, speak to the way we want to live on our planet. Today`s family seeks to combine leisure, work and entertaining as part of their kitchen… Read more »

BATHROOM RENO: Invest Your Money in Sense Appeal

The wonderful thing about renovating a bathroom is that you get to indulge yourself in this delightful personal space while waiting to recoup your investment. The introduction of chromatherapy, luminotherapy and aromatherapy into showers, steam units and tubs has been astounding. Bathrooms have become multisensory and there are marvellous products on the market today that… Read more »

Rest Assured with a Bedroom Renovation

We are always told by those who know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. You don’t often hear bedrooms added to this strong sales duo. If these two are working well for you, but your home lacks sizzle, it might be time to see if there is a problem in the bedroom. Bedrooms are a… Read more »


When building a new home, many homeowners are considering the option of green design. Renovators also are putting more focus on creating eco friendly environments. Both groups recognize that they are achieving a healthier lifestyle, while protecting natural resources for future generations. In keeping with the environmental movement, there has been a corresponding increase in… Read more »


HOW MUCH DOES CHAOS COST? It would be interesting to know how many hours of each day are spent putting things in their proper places. Wouldn’t it be wonderful having entire weekends ahead of us, without the interruption of piled this, accumulated that and other bits and pieces that, in one way or another, keep… Read more »