Remodeling Tips

The Drought & Effects on Your Home

The California drought is a big deal—and it is affecting everyone in the San Diego area. While there may be nothing you can do to directly end the drought, there are changes you can make around your home, and especially in your yard, to lessen the impact of the drought. As we enter these hot,… Read more »

The Pros & Cons of an Open Concept Home

If you watch television home remodeling shows, you will often see homes remodeled to have an open concept design. The reason for this is twofold. One, it is a desirable improvement. Secondly (and likely more importantly), it makes for a dramatic change and reveal. However, these shows have sparked an interest in the open concept… Read more »

Creating an Outdoor Living Room

In San Diego and the surrounding areas, you know you can count on comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Therefore, it only makes sense to take advantage of this and create an outdoor space that you can enjoy with your family—and expand upon the space you have for leisure in your home. An outdoor living room… Read more »

San Diego Dream Kitchen Remodel – Before & After

With some convincing from her grown children, our client decided it was time to upgrade and update her kitchen and build her dream kitchen with Lars Remodeling. Her home is set on over an acre of land, just east of San Diego and on a sunny, clear day, she can see the Pacific Ocean. However,… Read more »

Designing Your Living Room around a Statement Piece

Your living room is the heart of your home and the place where your family and guests spend most of their time. As such, having a living room design that flows is essential. One method of living room design that makes for a simple flow and a significant impact is by arranging the layout around… Read more »

Lars Remodeling & Design Has Received GuildQuality’s 2015 Guildmaster Award for Exceptional Customer Service

Lars has been recognized among North America’s best customer service leaders within the residential construction industry by GuildQuality, an independent customer satisfaction surveying company. GuildQuality has powered the Guildmaster Award for 10 years to celebrate service excellence in the building, remodeling, contracting, and home services professions. Each year, GuildQuality gives special recognition to the companies… Read more »

Unique Uses for Cork in Your Home

Many people assume that the only purpose of cork is to make wine bottle stoppers and bulletin boards. However, cork is a versatile material that has many other uses around the home that you may not have considered. It also has numerous benefits, including elasticity, impermeability, buoyancy, and high insulating properties. Because cork is made… Read more »

How to Create Your Own Fitness Room

There are few things as convenient as a home gym for the health-conscious homeowner. In fact, don’t even think of it as a gym—think of it as more of a dedicated fitness room. There are obvious benefits to having ready access to a fitness room, such as maintaining a healthy weight, building lean muscle mass… Read more »

Get the Most Out of Your Pool House

Often the pool house starts out as a nice idea and then somehow turns into that storage building between the pool and the source of drinks, towels, and bathrooms. It is important to make the most of your pool house instead of simply using it to store pool toys and equipment. Make Sure Everything in… Read more »

Exposed Brick: Adding Value to Your Home?

Exposed brick walls on the interior of a home are the latest rave in interior design. Exposed brick allows individuals to feel connected with the building. It makes the decor seem authentic, like it’s both a real part of the architecture and pretty, not just one or the other. But with maintenance and installation so… Read more »