Richard & Linda A.

Jan 24th, 2017
We heard that you are contemplating a home re-model project and are considering LARS to undertake the work, well as a home owner who just completed a home re-model through LARS- let me tell you about our experience.

We are OVER-THE-MOON HAPPY with the results!

We have a  1950’s tract home. As a couple in our mid- 60’s , we  are still too young to desire selling and moving into a retirement center.   We love our neighborhood home with the one-level concept and the under 2000 sq feet of house to clean, but we wanted a little face-lift to shake off that mid-50’s design. Three major areas concerned us in this remodel:
  1. Our living room required internal lighting to be on at all times of the day. Even the use of light- colored carpeting/wall painting could not bring us the much-needed light we desired. The much beloved family portraits were not able to be properly displayed and therefore viewed and enjoyed due to this lighting problem.
  2. We had one large window in the living room, which measured 12 feet long but only 4 ½ feet tall. The header beam was about 12 inches. Our desire was creating a large -taller, window to expose the view of the backyard and let more natural light flood into the room.
  3. The typical brick fireplace was dated, old and tired looking. Instead of being a focal point in the room, because of its age, material and design, it had become an eyesore.
Fortunately, we were not NEWBIES to home re-model projects!  We have in the past experienced two remodels- first, enlarging the master bedroom (NOT A LARS PROJECT- and although in the end pleased with the project- getting there was a BEAR) and the second – a LARS project, a room addition. The difference in the two experiences was night and day. So, we had confident expectation that we would be in good hands with LARS. We when we first met with Mike Hebert in our home, he immediately picked up on our problems and offered a possible idea and that idea became our vision for the project. We were teamed up with Dominic Amato as our Project Manager. His many years of experience, friendly attitude, and desire to treat each client as if he were doing the work for a member of his own family which meant that NO DETAIL was to TOO BIG or TOO SMALL, -he was on top of everything, and ahead of any potential "curve balls". The Lars Solution:
  1. Let the natural light in! The old living room window was removed and re placed with 2 - 6foot by 6foot windows.
  2. The entire ceiling material was pulled down and new ceiling lighting installed.  Canned lights were placed in just the right areas to illuminate wall prints. Additionally, work lighting was also installed and all the lights were placed on dimmers so that each bank of lights could be controlled individually, and at different levels of intensity.
  3. Mike’s vision also included a new front door with a single glass panel to aid natural light to the entry.
  4. The tired old brick fireplace was re-faced using limestone. Then to go one step extra, the inside of the fireplace was painted a pewter grey, with a stainless steel-highly polished metal, mirror like backing. The wood fireplace was converted to gas, and fire rock laid down with a fire sculpture insert therefore taking the new look to a higher level.
During this entire project, we lived in our home, and converted the garage into a make-shift kitchen... on the suggestion of the Lars pre-con literature.  We had planned to lay linoleum down in the kitchen- as we thought we had height problem with the existing kitchen cabinet that sat over the refrigerator. Our project manager- Dominic, who was always right on top such problems, said that cabinet is only held on with 3  little nails, we can raise that cabinet up, and give you the clearance you need so you can get that tiled kitchen floor you want.  DONE, and beautiful! Like most old homes, the walls were full of rough repairs & layers of old paint but this was no problem for LARS who fully insulated the walls & ceiling &  re-textured the walls prior to painting. I made the comment to one the workman that I did not want to be able to see any patch areas, his response? He smiled and said “ NOT TO WORRY... THIS IS A LARS PROJECT!” And that paint scheme? Thanks to the keen eye and great design of Mike, our white walls are offset with a beautiful dove gray accent wall to accompany the fireplace. We're sure you'll experience the same quality of work & attention to every detail with your LARS project and the LARS team of professionals -Richard and Linda Albrecht Remodel #2 completed in October 2016
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