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Lars Remodeling & Design iPad3 Giveaway

With the upcoming launch of the new iPad3, Lars Remodeling & Design is excited to announce our latest giveaway contest. Entering to win an iPad3 is as easy as Liking Us on Facebook and/or signing up for our Newsletter. Each method counts as one entry into the drawing, which will take place on May 31,… Read more »

Incorporating The Unexpected

This year, design is all about new elements, new innovations, and new combinations. All of this innovation means a lot of new products on the market, but it also means that existing elements are being re-purposed and used in new ways. Forget everything you knew about how to use colors and design statements, because in… Read more »

What Was Old Is New Again

Country kitchens, cozy exposed woodwork, even 1960s shag – all of these are old design news, used many times when they first came into existence. But in recent San Diego home renovations, we’ve discovered a new trend: all of these are coming back, and being combined in new and exciting ways that the original designers… Read more »

Come Visit Us At The Del Mar Home Show

Lars Remodeling & Design will be exhibiting at the Del Mar Home Improvement Show this weekend, January 27 – 29. Held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, this show is a gathering of home improvement and renovation innovators from throughout the area. You’ll find everything from San Diego remodeling contractors to displays highlighting… Read more »

The Importance Of Details

When a lot of homeowners consider remodeling, they immediately focus on the structural aspects of the job. That’s only logical: after all, a strong foundation is the base for everything else. The most beautiful detailing won’t look right if it isn’t properly supported. However, the structure isn’t everything, and focusing on it too much can… Read more »

Lars Remodeling & Design Proudly Supports Causelife

Did you know that every year, more than 2 million people die because they lack access to clean water? Even more tragically, most of these deaths are children. We were saddened to learn that so many people worldwide don’t have the means to fulfill this most basic need for clean water. That’s why Lars Remodeling… Read more »

Lars Remodeling & Design Supports Adopt-A-Highway

California’s Adopt-A-Highway program helps save taxpayers millions of dollars in maintenance fees every year. As part of the program, businesses adopt stretches of local highways and take responsibility for the care and maintenance of their assigned area. As San Diego remodelers we take pride in the community, and that’s reflected in our commitment to Adopt-A-Highway,… Read more »

California Outdoor Living Space

As residents of San Diego, we have the opportunity to enjoy something few people around the country can really use: the outdoor room. Our beautiful weather and near-constant sunshine mean that we can be outside as much as we want to. Creating an outdoor living space that is designed as an extension of your indoor… Read more »

“In-Sink” With Bathroom Trends

The Lars Remodeling & Design Team

Are you tuned in to the changes that are happening in 21st century bathrooms? In this most personal and frequently used room in the house, there are changes to give you a luxurious spa retreat, or if it’s your preference, you can stay connected to your world through, phone, internet and tv. Perhaps you want… Read more »

IF ONLY… I had learned these lessons

It’s a sign of a great renovation … if, afterwards, the stories you share do NOT begin with the words “if only…” While you can’t foresee everything that might have an impact on the smooth running of your remodeling project, there are a few things that you can learn from the good – and bad… Read more »