How to Determine Whether to Remodel or Move?

remodel vs move

Should I stay or should I go? It’s a question almost all homeowners ask after a few years in the same space. Most houses aren’t perfect. But is the solution to remodel the existing floor plan or move to a different home? Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and the answer is different for every …

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5 Smart Home Technologies Your Remodel Needs

smart home technologies

Typically you renovate your home to make it more stylish or spacious. What if you also made it smarter at the same time? Thanks to technologies like wireless internet and connected devices, you can enhance your home with artificial intelligence. It may sound like something from the Jetsons, but it really just makes your lifestyle …

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How To Find Best Kitchen Appliances

Finding the best kitchen appliances isn’t as simple as Googling “best kitchen appliances” and picking the dishwasher, oven, or refrigerator with the best reviews. Why? Because what’s best for one person could be just satisfactory for you. For example, let’s say you look up the best oven and discover numerous lists that say that one …

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6 Designer Kitchen Styles You Will Love

Kitchen designs range from classical to contemporary, with a whole myriad of options in between. When choosing the right kitchen style for your home you need to think about two key things: the styles you like and the styles that will work in your home.

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Holiday Remodeling? Why This Is The Perfect Time to Start!

The days are getting cooler and the nights are getting longer, these signs can only mean one thing…holiday season is coming. As the holiday decorations start making their way into your local shops and into your shopping cart, it’s common to get the urge to think about more large-scale decorating options. If these are small …

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Ultimate Guide To a Stunning Remodel: Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to planning your kitchen remodel. Kitchen cabinets set the style and feel for the whole kitchen but the amount of choices you need to make to settle on your ideal cabinets can feel overwhelming. Lars Remodeling & Design is here …

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The Ultimate Guide to a Stunning Remodel: Exterior

exterior remodel San Diego

Remodeling the exterior of your property is a like a puzzle, where each piece fits together to create the beautiful finished home. Whether you’re planning on a full exterior remodel or just updating a key feature, you’ll need to think about these three areas before starting:

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Home Theater Design in San Diego

Adding Your Dream Home Theater In San Diego

There’s nothing quite like the experience of watching your favorite movie on a giant screen with the highest quality surround sound. In fact, it can even help make an average movie that little bit more entertaining. Have you always thought about how to get that movie theater …

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Ultimate Guide to a Stunning Remodel: Countertops

Countertops are a key part of any kitchen remodel playing not just a practical role but also helping create the look and feel for your newly remodeled room. The number of available materials might surprise you, use our guide to find the perfect countertops for your kitchen remodel.

How is your kitchen used?

The first …

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Traditional vs. Design-Build Construction

Design-build turns the traditional building process into a streamlined construction project.

The design and construction process

Traditional Building Method Design-Build Construction Conceptual Design Conceptual Design Initial Drawings Price Established Architect and Engineer Detailed Drawings Architect and Engineer Detailed Drawings based on approved and cost-based plans Bids From Construction Companies Permit(s) Pulled Price Established Interior …

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