Remodeling Tips

2015 Renovations and Remodeling Cost VS. Value

When looking into renovations and home improvements often your biggest concern is how much it will cost. While this is certainly important, you’ll also want to consider how much of its value you will be able to recoup later. Fortunately for homeowners there are a large number of remodeling projects that offer the potential for… Read more »

Luxury Bathroom Amenities

It’s a natural fact that luxury bathroom amenities are going to leave you a lasting feeling of royalty. If you are looking for some high-end additions to your bathroom, start here. His and Hers Sinks No matter your relationship with your partner, personal space is a gift for the both of you. His and hers… Read more »

Tech Essentials for Your Home

Your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle; if the concept of cutting-edge technology appeals to you, then your home should be equipped with the latest in gadgetry designed for the home. Fortunately, an array of products and systems awaits you. From sensor-operated trash cans to sophisticated home control centers and security systems that… Read more »

Incorporating Mosaic Into Your Bathroom

Custom tile work is a very fine finishing detail for any space, but it is one that discriminating homeowners really look for in the bathroom. The nature of this space make it ideal for the resilience and function of tile, and intricate mosaics and customized tile installation can elevate a simple shower or wall into… Read more »

Lars Featured in San Diego Home/Garden Magazine

San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle Magazine has been a staple in the design world of San Diego for over 35 years. The magazine provides award-winning editorial of all things related to the home, including interior design, décor, gardening and home entertaining. They showcase the best designs to help readers envision their dream homes. Lars Remodeling &… Read more »

5 Ways to Create Better Ambiance with Lighting

You may not think much about the lighting in your home, but the truth is it can make or break the ambiance of your rooms. Where subtle, muted lighting may be appropriate for one room, another room may call for energizing, bright lights. How do you know which is which? Check out these five ways… Read more »

Bathroom Remodeling: Room Without a Window

Not everyone has a window in their bathroom. Sometimes it’s by preference, and sometimes it’s by original design. Windows can add light and make your bathroom appear larger. They can also create discomfort when you’re ready to take a shower and don’t want the neighbors as an audience. Bathrooms surrounded by interior walls aren’t candidates… Read more »

Designing the Perfect Living Room

It’s always nice to relax in the living room. It’s where you entertain your guests, where you can gather as a family and where you can hang out and watch TV. It sets the tone for the rest of your house. If it’s not a place of comfort, it’s time to update your living room…. Read more »

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Footprint

If you feel a bit cramped in your house, home remodeling is a popular solution. Finding the right way to create more space can dramatically change how you feel about your home. Don’t think that just because your house has a small footprint that you can ‘t expand. Whether your lot has tight boundaries to… Read more »

4 Design Essentials for a Kid-Friendly Remodel

When you’re deciding what features you’d like to include in your next home remodel, convenience and comfort probably dominate your wish list. If you have kids or you’re planning on growing your family someday soon, don’t forget to mix some kid-friendly features into your design-and-build remodeling plans. 1. Bedroom Buddies Your kids probably spend a… Read more »