Materials & Design Elements for a Fall-friendly Home

How to bring fall design decor into your home

Fall is time to rethink our spaces, as the new season is brimming with new trends. Whether you can’t wait for fall or don’t want summer to end, the cooler weather offers plenty of stylish designs you’ll want to incorporate into your home.

To freshen up your home in Carmel Valley in time for the season, we spoke with a few home remodeling experts about how to add autumnal hues to it

How to bring fall design decor into your home?

If you’re thinking about updating your home or simply want to show off some of the brighter tones, keep these things in mind:Carmel Valley home remodeling

#1 Nature-inspired tones

Although colors like orange, red, and yellow have traditionally been associated with fall, today’s designers are being influenced by more natural tones for sophisticated fall designs. Usually, these include deeper shades, which add character and elegance to a room without overwhelming it.

The use of natural accents in homes isn’t new, but their popularity is on the rise as people seek out new ways to incorporate them. It’s for this reason natural materials like wood, terracotta, travertine, and stones are making a comeback in home design.

#2 Textured fabrics

With the cold weather approaching, cozy, warm fabrics are essential, as well as textures that make a statement. Fall and winter are perfect seasons for velvet, particularly in dark colors.  Add woven blankets and decorative soft cashmere pillows to it, and your summer space will quickly become a welcoming fall sanctuary. 

#3 Bold patterns

A bold color scheme and fun patterns are becoming increasingly popular, helping people add character and energy to their homes. Let color pop everywhere, from pieces like sofas to major ones like your kitchen cabinetry.

#4 Sustainable materials

Sustainability plays a major role in interior design. A growing number of designers are moving away from synthetic furnishings in favor of durable, natural materials.

For instance, bamboo is an eco-friendly option for furniture, blinds, tabletops, various décor accessories, and even roofing materials. Besides making your home appear lighter and more spacious, the use of glass is also considered to be one of the most eco-friendly building materials.

#5 Curves & arches

As the fall season begins, you’ll see lots of curved furniture, curved accent pieces, and intriguing design elements, such as arched entryways, curvy cabinet fronts, and kitchen islands topped with curved countertops.

Curves bring a sense of modernity to a space, giving it a soft and soothing feel. Alternatively, you can accentuate this trend through furniture pieces like coffee tables, ottomans, mirrors, and chairs, along with lamps and other small decorative items.Where can I find trustworthy home remodeling contractors in Carmel Valley & the region

Where can I find trustworthy home remodeling contractors in Carmel Valley & the region?

You’re considering remodeling your home, but you’re not sure how to prepare it properly for the forthcoming season? Or perhaps you want to know what autumnal design trends will enhance your home’s ambiance? If so, Lars Remodeling & Design has the answers you’re looking for.

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