How Can I Find My Own Kitchen Style?

How Can I Find My Own Kitchen Style

If you are starting the process of remodeling your kitchen, you’re no doubt extremely excited about it. However, you might be struggling to find the style you’re aiming for.  While each kitchen should have an underlying style to it, it can be difficult to actually pinpoint exactly how you want your kitchen to turn out. That is when you should enlist assistance from experienced remodeling contractors in San Diego, but also do a bit of your own research into the different style options available for kitchens. Take a look at how you can find your style.

What can I do to find my own style for kitchen remodeling?

So, if you’re finding it difficult to find your own distinctive style for the kitchen remodel you’re planning, don’t worry, it happens to everybody. Here’s some advice on what you can do to determine the style of the kitchen that will make you happy for the long term.

Gather some inspiration

The first thing you should do when trying to determine the style of your kitchen is to start browsing the many websites and blogs that feature kitchen designs. While this may seem like an overwhelming endeavor in the beginning, you will soon start picking out individual design ideas that might work great in your kitchen of dreams and be able to identify elements that start to show up repeatedly in the images you select. This will help guide your design aesthetic and move you closer to making key decisions about what you do and do not like for your own home.

Start searching for professional contractors

While you’re searching for various design ideas, simultaneously start looking for professional remodeling contractors that would carry out the actual remodeling. Reputable remodeling companies have a dedicated design team under the same roof, which is extremely helpful for getting some ideas for the look of your new kitchen.

Categorize your collection

Getting back to your own pool of inspiration, creating organization and categorizing of all the images you’ve collected will help set things in motion. While it may not seem as an important step, it actually is, especially if you are able to organize your photographs by style or by the key elements that are most important to you such as a sprawling kitchen island, built in refrigerator, or statement lighting.

Separating your collection into different style categories, for example vintage, modern, americana, etc. will help you identify the underlying style you would like to aim towards. And once you know the general direction, it’s easier to tackle the small details.

Edit the collection based on your desires

Once you’ve collected your inspirational photographs and organized them into different categories, it’s time to go back and edit that collection based on a simple criterion – your emotions. Focus on the styles that resonate with you, and narrow down the possible end-choices for your kitchen remodel.

Review the collection with intention

Continuing your search for a kitchen design, start browsing your collection of images by looking for specific design elements that would make up your kitchen. For example, try to find different types of island lighting, glass-front cabinets, kitchen chairs, countertops, or any other essential kitchen components. While you may not like an entire kitchen style on a photograph, you might be able to choose an element or two from it to incorporate into your own kitchen.

Make your choice

Finally, it’s time to decide your design direction!  While it’s nothing finite or written in stone, you should do your best to stick to the choices you’ve made in order to reduce unnecessary added remodeling expenses that come with change orders and restock fees. Choose the design and the elements that you think will make your happy, and go with them!

Which remodeling contractors from San Diego can help me find my own style?

If you’re struggling with inspiration, not knowing which kitchen design you should choose, it’s high time you sought expert kitchen remodeling advice from San Diego’s leading remodeling contractors – Lars Remodeling & Design. We have the know-how and the desire to help you come up with a unique design for your kitchen.

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