Hacienda De Johnson Feliz Para Siempre

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Eye-catching Escondido Kitchen Remodel

Our Casa es su Casa

When the Johnson’s came to Lars - they knew they wanted something completely unique - they did not believe they could find a contractor willing to extract their extreme vision and boldly bring it to life so we graciously rose to the challenge. Our focus was to build them their dream kitchen and make it better than they could have imagined.

From Design to Budgeting to Build.

Before & After Our Magic Touch...

Every colorful detail was carefully executed! From a custom ordered Waterstone red faucet, to hand painted wine bottles converted to can lights, to personally symbolic “Dia de los muertos” themed faux murals on every possible wall & even the pantry floor! The vibrantly patterned handmade terra-cotta flooring include hundreds of hand painted tiles that are laid strategically to create a Spanish fringed rug outlining the brightly colored sink island.

There’s no place like Case de Johnson!