RecipesBraised Pork Belly Recipe

Sear pork belly until brown.

Place belly into a braising pan and submerge with chicken stock. Add mirepoix and bouquet garni.

Braise for 2hours at 350 degrees.

Remove pork belly from liquid and strain.

Wrap a sheet tray with plastic wrap and place pork belly on top. Wrap another layer of plastic wrap on top and place another sheet tray over. Add weights to press pork belly overnight.

Place the strained braising liquid into a pot and add 4c Apple juice and 2c brown sugar. Reduce to a sauce.

Remove pork belly from tray and portion into serving pieces. Deep fry to order.

Add reduced braising liquid to a pan and mount with butter. Add fried pork belly to be glazed over.

To serve: Sauce the plate and place the pork belly. Garnish with apple sauerkraut, pickled mustard seeds and mustard fril.