5 Smart Home Technologies Your Remodel Needs

smart home technologies

Typically you renovate your home to make it more stylish or spacious. What if you also made it smarter at the same time? Thanks to technologies like wireless internet and connected devices, you can enhance your home with artificial intelligence. It may sound like something from the Jetsons, but it really just makes your lifestyle more convenient and comfortable.

Smart home technology has advanced a lot in recent years while also becoming simpler and more affordable. Almost any home can now incorporate next-generation capabilities. And once they’re in place you’ll wonder how you ever lived without smart home technology. Here are five options that seriously upgrade any home.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting gives you very precise control over when, where, and how your home is illuminated. Thanks to that control you can create the perfect ambiance in any space and switch it up from your phone. You can also carefully track your energy consumption to lower you electric bills and reduce your carbon footprint. What may be most exciting, however, is that smart lighting responds to voice commands.

Smart Climate

Smart home technology is reinventing the thermostat. Modern versions let you carefully control the temperature and other environmental factors throughout your home. You can also program settings to help you save energy and tweak those setting through your phone. Homes with smart climate installed tend to be a lot more comfortable while costing less to heat and cool.

Smart Appliances

Refrigerators, stoves, and even clothes dryers are now available with smart home technology installed. Each technology works a little differently, but they’re all designed to make your appliances easier to use and cheaper to operate. For instance, a smart screen built into the front of your refrigerator lets you see what’s inside without opening the door and wasting energy. You can even view the contents from your phone when you’re at the grocery store and unsure what you need.

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Smart Security

Today’s technologies let you monitor your home from anywhere. Connected cameras mounted throughout your property or above your doorbell will send a live feed directly to your phone. That way you can see who is ringing your doorbell or lurking in the backyard. Smart security technologies also let you control things like motion lights, alarms, locks, and police notifications all remotely.

Smart Assistance

Technologies like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are like an in-home assistant that never takes a break and require no pay. These devices allow you to access information, manage your schedule, and access your digital media library using just your voice. Plus, they work like a central command hub for your in-home upgrades. The right configuration lets you control most of your smart home technology from a single device.

Engineering a Smart Home with Lars Remodeling & Design

Buying a new gadget is easy, but creating a true “smart home” is not. Finding the right way to implement, coordinate, and optimize multiple smart devices takes a team with experience. Lars Remodel & Design is at the forefront of high-end renovations, integrating the styles of today with the technologies of tomorrow. Our homes looks and feel exactly how you desire. Plus, they actively adapt to your wants and needs. When you’re ready to make that a reality, contact Lars Remodeling & Design.