Remodeling Now: Check Your Checklist


As a savvy homeowner, you have decided to invest in your property. Remodeling in the current market is the right step for you. First you have to carefully consider your present situation and where you would like to be when your project is completed. Here are questions to stimulate your thinking.


Your home is a major investment. Don`t lose money by getting behind on maintenance. A “Yes” answer to these questions could mean that you are also saying yes to losing money.

  • * Do I have high heating and cooling bills?
  • * Is my current siding rotting, warping, fading or discontinued?
  • * Can I hear outside noise when the windows are closed?
  • * Do I have excessive heat gain from sun?
  • * Are floors drafty? Damaged? Cheap? Outdated?
  • * Are there cracks or watermarks on ceilings?


As rooms that everyone uses everyday it is important that baths and kitchen areas are comfortable, convenient and easy to maintain. You want to say “No” to every one of these questions.

  • * Are cabinets damaged or outdated?
  • * Are there damaged wall tiles, caulking to ceilings?
  • * Do faucets leak?
  • * Are there enough electrical outlets and lighting fixtures?
  • * Is there a good supply of hot water?
  • * Is there enough storage space and counter area?
  • * Is there any moisture damage?
  • * Is this room a problem space for your family?


No one wants their money to literally fly out the window. Check that your money is safe. Don’t live with these money stealers.

  • * Drafty, poorly sealed doors.
  • * Drafty windows with broken seals.
  • * Poorly insulated walls.
  • * Poorly insulated ceilings, attics or crawl spaces.


Sometimes it’s not what you have but what you don’t have that causes problems. Not enough space is a major problem that can be solved with a carefully considered remodeling strategy. Check the ones on the following list that could help your home.

  • * Change hinged doors to pocket doors
  • * Create more closet space or storage niches.
  • * Remove walls to make rooms function better.


Everyone knows the value of curb appeal. Keeping the following areas well-maintained will also keep dollars in your pocket. That’s appealing too!

  • * Damaged or missing shingles
  • * Guards for gutters
  • * Deck repair


Although you’re not planning to move in the near future, upgrades will save you dollars on utility bills and make your home more livable now and market ready for the future.

  • * Finished basement
  • * Energy- saving electrical systems, lights and appliances
  • * Interior/exterior painting to enhance appearance
  • * Add more usable living space
  • * To increase fire safety
  • * Grading to improve erosion control
  • * Water quality improvements
  • * Worn appliances fixed or replaced


Careful assessment of your neighborhood and the real estate market may have you considering one of these additions to your property.

  • * Bonus room. Everyone needs a “special” place.
  • * Screened porch. “Bug free” is a great selling feature.
  • * Garage. Another big investment needs a proper care and maintenance space.

Of course, there is much to think about when you plan to remodel. Hopefully, this small exercise has stimulated your thought processes and you are ready to design your own checklist for remodeling now!