Top Off Your Remodeling Project With a Ceiling Facelift

As you plan for a home renovation, one of the most overlooked elements is the ceiling. A simple plaster ceiling probably fills your needs, but it’s the exception instead of the rule when topping off today’s home remodeling projects. Give your ceilings a facelift with one of these trends coming in 2014.

Tray Ceiling
A popular option for kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and hallways is the tray ceiling. The surface is recessed in a cutout pattern, typically with a lower outer edge and a higher inner surface at two distinctly different levels. They can also be inverted, where the center portion protrudes down, and the outer edge is recessed. Crown molding and trim add depth and a grander feel. Create unique accents with recessed lighting, fans, contrasting colors and chandeliers.

Open Design
If you’re looking for a more rustic look, the open style of high ceilings with wood or faux wood beams and exposed trusses is an option. Tongue and groove wood ceilings in natural or painted colors give a modern look to a classic style. They are well-suited to living rooms, great rooms and nearly any type of large room.

Adding excitement and dimension to your ceiling doesn’t have to mean adding layers. Textured ceilings with convex patterns, decorative tiles and recycled materials are also expected to trend in 2014. Forget the popcorn tile of the 1980s. Some new twists in texture include decorative patterns on metals and ornate plaster relief. Add ceiling texture to any room in the home, from kitchens and bedrooms to living rooms and hobby rooms.

Vaulted ceilings in San Diego home remodeling projects add a dimension of spaciousness and elegance to the home. Ornate trim can create an even more formal feel. They open up any space, from hallways and living rooms to bedrooms and great rooms.

Fragmentation is expected to come into vogue by springtime. Geometric shapes divided into fractal designs will likely accent room decor, and ceilings are no different. Fragmented shaped suspended or incorporated into ceilings can create a more modern if not futuristic feel.