Green Building Remodel

Green building design and remodeling in San Diego

A new building project or home remodel can come with a significant cost to the environment, but it doesn’t have to. At Lars Remodeling & Design we’re focused on working with our clients to make their home remodeling plans as green as possible. We work hard to provide green building design in San Diego, whether it’s by reducing waste during renovation, using environmentally friendly products, or creating home designs that offer high energy efficiency, we’re focused on green remodeling that protects the environment.

Green remodeling in San Diego by Lars Remodeling & Design

Lars Remodeling & Design have been a locally based remodeling company for over 26 years. We have built a design and build team who stay up to date on the latest trends and technology so that we can optimize our use of green techniques. Our knowledge and experience helps us to provide our clients with the best advice and materials for green remodeling in San Diego.

Style and substance—the best Green building design in San Diego

As long-term residents of San Diego with have a unique knowledge of designing and building homes in the area. One of our key principles is that our clients should never need to sacrifice design or build quality in order to get a green home. Our highly trained designers are here to help every client get the perfect combination of style and eco-friendliness to create their dream home. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our green building and design projects. We use only the best green materials for our green remodeling in San Diego service to ensure that your remodel looks great for years to come.

Minimizing your home’s long term impact on the environment

A green remodel can benefit the planet for many years after the remodel is completed. Everyday our homes use resources that are produced using techniques that damage the environment. We can limit the impact of these by producing an energy efficient home that minimizes their use. Our green building design in San Diego uses the best technology to reduce the need for electric and water by installing energy efficient features such as showers, toilets, insulation, and heating systems.

Going green by optimizing the remodeling process

Green remodeling in San Diego is about more than building an energy efficient home, it’s also about using green building processes. Two areas of a remodel that damage the environment are the amount of waste produced by a building project and chemicals used in building materials. Our designers and builders work with clients to reclaim building materials, repurpose existing materials from their home, and choose sustainable and environmentally friendly building supplies. Our team can offer expert knowledge on choosing and installing products using the best green methods.

Trust Lars Remodeling & Design with your green building design in San Diego

For the best San Diego green building remodel services call our team today. We offer a free consultation so to discuss all of your remodeling needs!

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