Historical Remodel

Historical Remodeling in San Diego

San Diego is home to a spectacular range of historic homes. Choosing to remodel your historic property is often a stressful decision as you worry about maintaining the integrity and design of your historic building. Whether you’re remodeling to improve the functionality of your home, upgrade problem areas, or to bring the home in line with your changing needs, the Lars Remodeling & Design team can help. As a San Diego based business with a team of talented designers and craftsmen we we’re the perfect choice to give you the highest quality historical home remodel in San Diego. Trust Lars Remodel & Design with your historical design home remodel.

Exceptional design to compliment your home’s historical design

Our team is comprised of talented designers who are here to fulfill your remodel needs while preserving the unique look and feel of your historical home. We can work with homes of all ages to create modern functionality without compromising the original design of the building. Whether you’d like to make changes to a single room or you’d like to remodel your whole property our designers are here to bring your historic home design plans to life.

High quality craftsmanship to compliment your home

Historical homes boast some of the most beautiful and unique architecture in the area. We understand how important it is to compliment the original design by using quality materials and craftsmanship for a remodel. The Lars Remodeling & Design craftsmen excel at historical remodeling in San Diego and use only the best materials and highest quality workmanship to produce remodel results that will compliment your historical home’s design.

Award winning historical remodeling in San Diego

Lars Remodeling & Design are an award winning remodeling company with over 26 years of experience remodeling historic homes in San Diego. We help make remodeling projects easier for our clients by offering the highest quality project management of the remodel from concept to completion. Our exceptional service, creative designs, and superior craftsmanship have led to us being voted one of the best remodeling companies in the US. Our talented team uses their knowledge of San Diego and historic building design to provide the highest quality historic remodel of San Diego homes. We have many years of experience complying with all historic home remodeling rules while keeping to the remodeling schedule to ensure your project is completed quickly without compromising quality.

Choose Lars Remodeling & Design for your historical design and remodel needs

The Lars Remodeling & Design team will guide you through every step of historical remodeling in San Diego. Our designers and craftsmen are here to help you make design and build choices. We can also offer expert advice on completing a remodel while maintaining the original character of your home’s historical design. We guarantee that our historic home designs will keep the integrity of your home while meeting your remodel needs. For a free consultation call us today to discuss your San Diego historic home remodel needs. Our team is waiting to help bring your historical design remodel plans to life!

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