Laurie & Doug

Doug and myself are constantly impressed by the amount of attention given to our project. If not for the window issue, which is no fault to Lars, our project has been run smoothly. Above and beyond the high quality work we are seeing, I have to mention the high quality people I get talk with each day. Your framers especially, were such a pleasure to have around. John Jones is staying one step ahead to keep this job moving. Jim Murry has been there each step of the way to help us make smart decisions. John Klaka made a special trip over to ease my anxiety over skylight placement. With each major decision, one of these guys, or all of them, have been there to walk Doug and I through it.

We are entering the final stage of construction now. We know we are going to love our remodel when it’s complete. I just thought you should know how much Doug and I appreciate your amazing team. They truly go above and beyond.