Lisa K.

We had a free design consultation with Lars, and they were able to come up with an elegant and thoroughly workable solution to our entryway problem – something we’d been wrestling with for ages (and had other designers/architects look at). We had them do a huge remodel for us… entryway, kitchen, den. We’ve never had anything like this done before, and we were slightly terrified. They were professionals every step of the way, and we are so glad we went with them.

Brandon is a guy of the utmost integrity, and as a bonus, he’s a veritable library of useless movie quotes. He and the rest of our team made the long, arduous process of remodeling completely bearable. You might get a cheaper quote from someone else, but you won’t get better service. Given the nightmares we’ve heard from others whose contractors have bailed on them toward the end of their projects, we considered going with a reputable contractor a no-brainer.