I have now completed my kitchen remodel and am delighted with the results. It’s just as beautiful as i had hoped for. I would like to take a couple of minutes to share how fantastic this process has been. It started with Seth Larson whose genuine concern for the customer-inspired enough confidence for me to pursue what he could do to design the kitchen I had been dreaming of for two years. Seeing the drawing was a strong beginning of what was possible. From there he selected the team that would bring the drawing to reality. I congratulate Seth for picking Brian Wood as my project manager. Wow!! this is a take charge of professional. Brian’s attention to detail linked with his organizational skills kept this project moving well. he is an excellent communicator that even though, I travel extensively for my job, I never felt out of the loop on any decision or detail. it was a pleasure to return from my travels to see the high quality work that had taken place while I was gone. I also have to say that for major construction going on my home was always picked up. I was very impressed.

The crews that Lars Construction hires are a cut above. you can tell that they are expected to do their jobs and do it well. The quality from each group throughout the project was phenomenal. This well-orchestrated stream of professionals that contributed to the project to bring it to life was amazing to watch as the project progressed. I was very grateful that Brian was so well organized and had such a great rapport with each group. From the perspective of the customer, I felt that your crews had a strong respect for Lars construction and Brian Wood.

I must also say that when I hit a moment of indecision, Brian an Seth were patient with me and allowed me to process the information so that I could make a wise decision. These moments were important, and I was glad to have these two on my team. They guided me through the myriad of decisions that the inexperienced homeowner is faced with and I truly appreciated the guidance. Laura White also had me checking out websites so I could get a good idea of what I wanted while I was away from home. It made my in-town time more productive.

Now it is done and all I can say is THANKS!!! I have now joined your legion of happy customers. I hope this testimonial helps build upon the success you already enjoy. you and your team deserve being SAN DIEGO’S BEST!!