Tim H.

Jason Larson with Lars Remodeling is the best! We used them 16 years ago in 1999 to do a remodel of our house and they were fantastic. The house was built in 1951, but he was able to design the addition in such a a way that is is hard to tell where the old house ends and the addition begins. But the real reason Jason has been so successful, (you have probably seen his ads on TV ) is Jason’s integrity and willingness to stand behind the work of his crew and subcontractors. If there is a problem, he will make good on it. We had a slab leak this year and I called him for advice after I had gotten bids from two plumbers, (approx $5000). When he came out to take a look he saw that the plumber that he used 15 years ago MAY have made a mistake. Although it was Unrelated to the cause of the leak (old house with steel pipes in the slab) he had a crew of 6 guys out the next day to replumb the whole house. They were done in a day and a half he didn’t charge us, even though we were ready to pay! What else can I say. You can’t go wrong with Lars Remodeling.