Kim and I wanted to send you a letter instead of filling out the form you provided for the survey because we wanted to make sure that Lars understands how much we appreciate the efforts and service provided by these two individuals. Jackson spent a significant amount of time during the design and construction phases of this project listening to our ideas, answering our e-mails, and speaking with us on our phone concerning problems, changes and other issues concerning our project. Most importantly, when an issue would come up concerning an “extra” or problem at the project, he would promptly respond and try to find an efficient and fair way to resolve the issue.

Mike Reynolds is a very effective project manager. Throughout our project he has been available to answer questions, coordinate trade contractors, and solve problems. He sent a crew over on Saturday morning early in the project to construct a temporary wall to make sure that our 3 year old son would not hurt himself in the “construction zone” after demolition. When mistakes occurred, he immediately offered to correct them. Mike always attempted to move the project forward as efficiently as he could. He also maintains a sense of humor when things did not go perfectly. Kitchen remodels are challenging for homeowners, and Mike and Jackson definitely make it easier.

As a construction attorney, I represent a lot o large general contractors in both residential and commercial construction disputes. In my 14 years of practice, I can tell you that lack of customer service is the number one cause of lawsuits by homeowners or property owners. Litigation should not be a major concern with Lars with designers and project managers like Jackson and Mike.