George & Sherryl J.

Jan 24th, 2017

My journey began with looking for a full service remodeling company for my kitchen and family room. I was done with independent contractors who I found completely unreliable and the time and frustration was something I no longer wanted to endure when remodeling my kitchen and family room. I began my search and interviewed Jackson, Mirakkel, Kaminsky and Lars. I knew what our price range was and I wanted a company that could work within our budget and yet make my dream kitchen/family room come true. For me there was something too slick and impersonal about Mirakkel — not to mention a very out dated design room. Jackson was a big NO because I felt like they impersonal and more interested in selling me than listening to me. Something I have learned from past remodeling experiences is the importance of compatibility and communication — especially for something estimated to being a 3 month project. My choices came down to Kaminsky and Lars primarily because I liked the representative and they possessed these qualities. However there is a HUGE difference in my opinion between Lars and Kaminsky. Kaminsky wanted to make all my dreams come true — they even promised to throw us a huge party when the project was done. However when we went to their design center we were DONE after feeling like they lacked in overall knowledge and experience! Lars wanted all my dreams to come true as well. But Lars was by far a step above. Correction, Mike Hebert was a GIANT step above.

Mike is personable, extremely knowledgeable, but also realistic. Things Kaminsky said I could do, Mike said I couldn’t and then explained why. Mike is impeccably detail oriented and literally went not only from room to room, but space to space to make sure that what I wanted could happen. Mike discovered a hollow tile that if not protected could possibly crack under the weight of the remodel. Mike knew we wanted to keep our tile, as it goes through then entire downstairs, but we didn’t have replacement tile. That meant protecting that area and making sure measurements were precise so that there weren’t issues when building the cabinets where non-tiled areas would show. Mike saw my vision from the beginning — all the bells and whistles I wanted. Most of the things he said I could have, but some things he said I would need to look at options if I wanted to stay in my budget. And, he knew how important my budget was. Instead of trying to upsell me, he knew where our hard fast stop was. Mike wasn’t just the person trying to get my business. Mike was the person who was working in my best interest. He was the person that said, I am with you every step of the way. Mike did something no one else did. He gained my trust, 100%.

After meeting Mike, my husband, George, and I went to the Lars Design Center was for a mixer. It is a lovely, warm almost family like feeling from the minute we walked in. Mike warmly greeted us. Additionally, we met Yvette Travers, designer at Lars. She showed George, and I all kinds of possibilities for our remodel and we were extremely impressed. Mike showed us around and what I noticed was how up to date the center was. Lars is really making the investment so their clients can see possibilities for their own home. I asked if Mike and Yvette would come to our house together. For years I had been dreaming about this remodel and knew what I wanted. It was extremely important I could work with a team that could share my vision. Yvette had all kinds of design inspirations that complemented what I wanted and never detracted from my vision.

In our meeting to review and see what our kitchen would eventually look like we met Larry Gallant our Project Manager. Larry’s job would be to oversee the project, schedule all the subs and keep things moving along the timeline. Larry has an easy going personality and doesn’t get flustered. He is easy to work with and cares about the timeline and project at hand. All the headaches and frustrations — Larry had to deal with. Yet he did it with a smile on his face. Lars is a TEAM approach. The great thing is Mike, Yvette and Larry were on MY TEAM! They were my DREAM TEAM!

We really knew after our first meeting with Mike that Lars was who we wanted to go with but felt we needed to do our due diligence. We haven’t regretted for one minute the decision we made. Mike let us know that there may be hiccups along the way. He set a realistic timeline. He managed my expectations. Were there hiccups? … Yes. Did Lars stand by everything? … Yes! I really was amazed. Lars number one goal was for us to be happy and love the final product. They want every detail to be precise. For me Lars is Mike Hebert. I wouldn’t have gone with Lars had it not been for Mike. Mike was the person I vented to and celebrated with. Mike never left me nor the ~roiect throughout the entirety from beginning to end. Mike had the unbelievable ability to make me feel like I was his only customer. For those considering a full service company, I can say, I have done the homework for you. Do I have my dream kitchen and family room? …YES! Go with Lars, Go with Mike and you will be thrilled that you did!

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