Designing an Inspirational Home: 4 Big Tips


When you’re looking to design a home remodel that will completely transform the entire feel of your house and make it overflow with creative energy, you should first look for local remodeling contractors that are on the same wavelength as you. There is truly no substitute for good communication and like-mindedness. 

So, before thinking about arranging your furniture just right or what you could do upon finishing your remodel, pay attention to the now and try to work out some ideas that will make your home truly inspiring. If you’re ever stuck on ideas, we’ve got plenty to share, so read to learn more…

Why should I design my home with creativity in mind?

Your home can be extremely conducive to your creativity, which is essential if your work demands that you stay on the creative side. Choosing to incorporate design choices that are able to spark creativity and innovation can be a very worthwhile investment, especially if you’re working from home which so many of us are these days.

At home, you tend to let your guard down, you feel more comfortable than you could in any office environment, and it is during these times that your creative juices really start flowing. And that is precisely why you would want to make a few design changes to your humble abode that will work wonders for your creative flow.

How do I design for creativity at my home?

Now, choosing to design your home for creativity and actually doing it are two different matters. There are several tips that can help you design a more imaginative home, and here are the four biggest ones.

Embrace all the features that keep you out of focus

It’s not good for imagination if you’re constantly focused. Sometimes, you need to let your mind wander a bit in order to get it running in the right direction. Having features around your home that can help relax your mind are just the things you should incorporate in your new design.

For example, choose seating that you can recline in. Or, design a dimly-lit shower that can help you get out of the focus zone and into the creative mindset. For some people, it’s the kitchen with a view or a home gym that does the trick for unwinding.

Also, do not forget to incorporate some textures and colors that simulate both hemispheres of your brain. Green and blue hues are an excellent choice, and when you combine those natural colors with interesting textures, you’re sure to see the results soon.

Open up your mind with an open space

A home, or a space within your home that is open and airy is going to serve as an excellent basis for all kinds of creative thinking. The more expansive and open the space, the less constricted we feel, which allows our minds to explore.

The height of the ceilings also matters. Research has determined that ceilings that are higher than 10 feet can promote imagination, while those that are lower than 8 feet can discourage it and make people feel confined. Also, don’t design an open-space office only to have your desk facing the wall. Have it facing the room or the window, and allow yourself to enjoy what you’ve created. 

Bring in the outdoors

Sometimes, all you need to spark your creativity is a tiny bit of nature in your everyday life. Sometimes, there’s a view outside your window that you can expand on and build around, while at other times you can introduce your space to some houseplants and natural colors. Also, try to have your home illuminated by as much natural light as possible.

Work with the existing features

You don’t have to make huge structural changes to your home if you’re looking to make it a place where imagination and innovation thrive. Rather, hire a designer who is able to make the most out of the space you have and emphasize all the little details that will make your home more creative. 

That could mean incorporating a painting of a landscape, or just painting a single wall a different color. Even the tiniest of changes can go a long way in transforming your home and shifting your mindset. 

Which local remodeling contractors in San Diego can help me design an inspirational home?

Infusing your home with a touch of creativity requires more than just dependability and practicality. It requires innovation and imagination, experimentation, and, sometimes, an unconventional approach. Lars Remodeling & Design is well versed at incorporating innovative ideas that are client-focused and encompass a “whole home” approach.

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