4 Ways to Protect Your Trees When Building or Remodeling


Deciding to completely remodel your home is a big decision, one that comes with plenty of yes-and-no considerations. However, once you do make your mind up to move forward with construction, there are still things to think about.

For example, the first matter you should discuss is how to keep your children and pets safe when doing a whole house remodel of your residence in San Diego. However, have you stopped to think about the greenery?

Trees, shrubs, and other foliage are a big part of what makes a house a home, and protecting your trees should become one of the top aspects to consider when wanting to remodel. Here’s how you can do it.

How can I protect my trees when remodeling or building?

Depending on the scope of work you’re having done on your home, there’s an increased chance of your trees getting severely damaged in the process. If that happens, injured trees are a lot more susceptible to various diseases that will make them wither sooner. That is why you should try and protect your trees as much as you can.

  1. Identify vulnerable trees

    The first step in protecting your trees is identifying those that are most prone to suffer damage during construction. That includes trees that are either on the path of construction machinery, or those immediately around or in the construction site.

    Speak with your contractor and try to strategically plan a route through your property to bypass the trees as much as possible. This will not only protect the trees, but also allow the construction vehicles to work around the site in a more orderly fashion.

    The best thing to do is to state your desire to protect the trees in your property early on, before any construction or remodeling work starts to take place. This will leave your contractors plenty of time to plan accordingly.

  2. Review ordinances

    There are municipalities that issue strict requirements when it comes to the type of fencing you can use to protect your trees, as well as the signage you can place around your property. Although many municipalities do not have such regulations in place, make sure to do your homework and check.

  3. Know all the ways a tree can be harmed during construction

    When trying to protect your trees from damage during construction, you need to know the various types of damage a tree can sustain. The types of damage have to do with the parts of trees:

    • Roots – Roots can get damaged in many different ways: change of grade, soil compaction, or trenching, and other activities that cut portions of the roots away. Place the protective fence around the tree in such a way that it covers the critical root zone of your tree.
    • Bark and trunk – Trunk and bark are susceptible to mechanical damage. This can happen if some machinery or a construction vehicle hits the trunk or takes a portion of the bark off. This leaves a wound and makes the tree open to diseases. You can prevent damage to the trunk by placing boards around it, or by using burlap.
    • Branches – If the branches are low, the machinery and the vehicles can easily damage them. This type of damage has the same effect as damage to the trunk and bark – it makes the tree prone to disease. Make sure to cut any overly long branches prior to construction workers’ arrival.
  4. Create barriers

    And make sure they are clearly visible. Barriers prevent machinery and vehicles from getting too close to the trees. The rule of thumb when placing barriers around trees is to add a foot away from the tree for every inch of the tree’s diameter. This will prevent damage to the trunk and the critical root zone.

Who are the most reliable contractors for a remodel of my whole house in San Diego?

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