5 Value-Boosting Home Remodels


At the risk of stating the obvious, remodeling your home makes perfect sense if you intend to keep it, especially if you are pursuing a remodeling idea you have contemplated for a long time. And it is not strictly about the enjoyment a properly executed remodeling project can bring you.’

Whether you are doing a whole remodel of your San Diego home or carefully deliberating on the most convenient addition to your home, tasteful remodels can help take the functionality of your indoor space to the next level, making your home more cozy and making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But is the same true if you plan on listing your home?’

Not all remodels were created equal: while some remodels will definitely add value to your home, others will put a dent in your budget without giving you the payback you have anticipated. So if your top priority and the primary purpose of your upcoming remodel is to maximize your return on investment and resale value, stay tuned and get some inside scoop from San Diego’s professional home remodeling contractors.

Which renovations add the most value?

If you’re looking for an effective way to boost your home’s value while trying to make up your mind on your upcoming remodel, here are some basic guidelines:’

  • follow experts advice
  • focus on the bigger picture
  • stay within budget.’

Put your own preferences and lifestyle aside and focus solely on remodels that are cost-effective yet essential to the comfort and aesthetic appeal of a home from the perspective of prospective homebuyers.’

Allow us to illustrate and put this into perspective:

  1. Curb appeal

    Eye-catching outdoor details and features such as freshly repainted exterior walls, new front door, and jazzy outdoor lighting may seem insignificant at first glance, but consider this: playing the curb appeal card may be your only chance to leave a fantastic first impression on prospective buyers. Fail to do that, and they won’t even care about taking a look at what’s inside. Investing in curb appeal is a budget-friendly yet high-impact strategy.

  2. Bathroom remodel

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a long foamy bubble bath or a quick shower kind of person: everyone loves a great bathroom remodel. A bathroom remodel is what every houseguest is bound to notice, and the same goes for potential buyers. When deciding on which bathrooms to remodel, prioritize the master bath and the powder room, followed by the guest bathroom.’

    To make a rational decision from the investment point of view, think cosmetic changes instead of comprehensive layout modifications or minor additions which offer a modest boost in functionality but come with inefficient costs.

  3. Kitchen remodel

    A kitchen remodel is always a wise investment, especially if your existing kitchen looks tired and outdated. A kitchen remodel can do wonders in enhancing the quality of your day-to-day living at home, as well as in raising the value of your whole home. If you are remodeling for the purpose of raising your home’s value alone, do not follow your own design preferences.’

    You do not need to make drastic and costly changes. Instead, strive to make the most of the existing kitchen layout and focus on affordable cosmetic changes that can be effective at enhancing the functionality of the space while adding instant warmth and appeal to your kitchen. This is a fail-safe approach which is bound to go down well with all prospective homeowners.

  4. Living room remodel

    It hardly matters whether you live alone or share your home with pets and a large family, whether you prefer your privacy and alone time or have a large circle of friends and a knack for entertaining: the living room is the heart of your home. You only need to decide if you want to transform your living room with a living room remodel or embark on a reinvented living space addition project.’

    Should you opt for a living room addition that will add square footage to your home and bump up its value, require a cost estimate from your contractors. Ask them to factor in the costs of demolition, new foundation, new roof, and other steps in the process so you can see in black and white if the investment of time and money which this project requires will be worth your while.

  5. Master bedroom update

    If there is one place in your home that belongs to you and you alone, a place where you go when you seek serenity and intimacy, it is the bedroom. Whether you are an early bird that loves to kickstart a day with a quick shower the moment you get out of bed or a night owl who loves to go to bed late, sleep in and take its time with a sweet pre-slumber and morning routine, explore and implement the latest bedroom remodeling trends and rest assured it will not go unnoticed by your prospective homebuyers.

    What remodels are the least likely to up your resale value?

    If you are certain that you want to list your home in the near future, weigh your ideas carefully before implementing them, and compare project cost to actual gain.

    Do your research: Before you go through with an idea, do your homework and scratch certain home improvement projects of your list of remodeling ideas and spare yourself the hassle, time, and money. Features such as a pool, kids’ space, or wine room might sound cool, convenient and classy, but they will not necessarily offer you the best bang for your buck.’

    The same goes for the removal of any existing features. Perhaps you’re not into that big outdoor pizza oven or the fancy fireplace taking up a third of your living room yourself, but prospective homeowners may beg to differ. Do not invest time and money into removing any features before consulting experienced contractors.

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