How to Combine Style and Functionality in Interior Design


Your house should work for you and your lifestyle. To achieve this, it’s important to think about both the aesthetics and the practicality of the floor plan. But how exactly do you create a stylish home without sacrificing comfort?

No one can deny the fact that there’s an inextricable link between design and efficiency. With that in mind, a functional interior means having enough space for your daily activities and being able to walk into your Coronado home without tripping over things. By taking a few expert tips and tricks from home remodeling professionals, you’ll quickly learn how to balance function and style in your home.

How do you create a stylish, yet functional living space?

1. Ensure a good flow 

Are you able to navigate your place without bumping into furniture? Where are the most useful items located? Improving your home’s functionality is easy and the possibilities are endless. While in most cases you’ll only need to move furniture around, relocating your rooms can make all the difference. A room addition may be the perfect solution to ensure that everything has its own space.

Living Room with Natural Light

2. Work on your lighting 

There are so many reasons why lighting is so important. You can define the space with an array of general lighting and accent lighting, while thoughtful task lighting makes it more useful. A mix of all three makes each room complete. Not only is your home functional with good lighting, but it will also make a statement. Plus, with a talented designer at your corner, you can get lighting that reflects your needs.

3. Maximize your storage space

A clutter-free and organized home makes a huge difference in everyday life. If you feel the furniture in your home is strictly functional, and not as visually appealing as you would hope, now is the time to consider stunning pieces that serve a purpose.

For instance, think about furniture with hidden storage. When searching for a new bed, look for models with storage underneath, such as drawers or a gas lift. Built-in bookcases and cabinets may also be a fantastic way for making your place more versatile and comfy.

4. Opt for functional furniture 

As you furnish your home, comfort, color, and style are likely to be important. However, prior to anything else, you need to make sure the furniture you pick matches the room well. To create balance and harmony, distribute the heaviest pieces of furniture evenly throughout the room. If your collection consists mostly of large pieces, you’ll need to balance them with smaller ones as well.

Hall with Natural Light

Where can I find a full-service home remodeling company in Coronado?

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