Instant Facelift – 11 Ideas to Upgrade Stairs and Railings

Where can I book an efficient house renovation service in San Diego, CA

Despite the fact that the rest of your house is full of attractive finishes, an old staircase that is not well maintained can be kind of an eyesore. Although replacing the whole staircase isn’t an option, there are still many interesting ways to improve aesthetic appeal relatively easily. 

Contacting a professional team of expert home remodelers in San Diego can be of great help to facilitate your home improvement project. If you’re planning to implement a budget-friendly upgrade and turn your staircase into a statement piece, keep on reading!

How can I upgrade my staircase and railings?  

A well-designed staircase does not only serve the role of physically connecting your ground floor and other stories. It can play a major role in the overall look of your home. Let us explore some efficient ways to give your staircase a brand new look.

  1. Restore the wooden parts

One way to give your stairs a well-deserved makeover is to take care of the hardwood steps and railings. If you wish to avoid replacing all hardwood parts, you can do a gentle refinishing. A professional can easily update it with a fresh coat of paint or stain, to give it new life.  

2. Paint the risers and steps

To achieve a unique and dynamic effect when you go upstairs and downstairs, paint the risers and steps in different or even contrasting colors.  Some homeowners even apply interesting patterns using a stencil technique. If properly applied, you can achieve a personalized and dynamic look with applying decals, stickers, letters and mosaic materials.  

3. Add a runner or a carpet

This is a classic and popular improvement option. Adding fitted carpet runners to your staircase will not only make it more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also protect the hardwood and help minimize the chance of accidents from slipping. 

4. Add more storage space

Besides integrated cabinets underneath, you can also include open shelves on the wall of the staircase and a bookshelf wall on the first flight. You can also include other smart features to boost functionality: hangers, a bike rack, even a small gallery wall with exposed and closed elements. Consider including baskets for umbrellas, slippers, toys and other miscellaneous items to minimize clutter. 

5. Paint the walls or introduce wallpaper

Besides the steps and risers, you can simply paint the walls around the staircase to boost the overall appearance. Wallpaper is another option that can be easy to apply and give this part of your home a more distinctive appearance. 

6. Replace the handrails

Whether you are just painting over the old banister or replacing them with something completely new, you’re making a dramatic change. For instance, you can switch from wooden to metal or composite handrails, or go from a more classic to contemporary, industrial or minimalist design. 

7. Create a kids nook

If space permits, creating a cozy play area or reading nook perfectly sized for kids can be a creative – not to mention fun – way to use what would otherwise be forgotten space. Adding a small desk or table for art materials, floor pillows, fairy lights, and other fun touches can make it a special, memorable place for a small child to spend creative time.

8. Consider cladding or tiles

How can I upgrade my staircase and railings

You can add a new layer of material on top of your stairs to dramatically, yet affordably update its appearance. In architecture, this is referred to as cladding. Thiis technique can radically improve the design of steps and risers. You can adjust it to fit the rest of your renovated household, or turn it into a focal point. 

9. Add natural light

Taking down one of the walls that faces the living room area and adding a railing instead can make a dramatic change brighten up the whole space. Also, adding a window on the outside wall will likely reduce electricity bills and introduce more natural light to the previously dim staircase. Naturally, these are larger-scale projects, but if it addresses a pain-point in terms of the design of your home, it may be a worthwhile consideration.

10. Replace light fixtures, add candles and LED Lights

Replacing the lighting and adding new features can do wonders. To give your staircase a special atmosphere, you can install wall sconces, a chandelier, LED candles underneath or just along the handrails, or a led strip underneath each step. Besides the aesthetic improvement, this lighting will give you some functional benefit as well.

11. Add some greenery

Adding succulents, flowers and other plants along the wall or hanging handrail can give it a lush and inviting feel. Of course, you can change the arrangement and selection of plants after a while or on a seasonal basis, or go for fake plants your space doesn’t provide enough natural light or you prefer a more low maintenance approach.  

Where can I book an efficient house renovation service in San Diego, CA? 

Instant Facelift - 11 Ideas to Upgrade Your Stairs and Railings

Whether you’re in a hunt for a detailed makeover or just want to spruce up your property with some nice-to-have upgrades, the best option is to find a team of trained and experienced professionals. 

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