5 Design Tips to Prepare Your Home For the Fall

How to improve your home for the fall

While Southern California doesn’t have to worry about snowy winters, weather changes are still something to be prepared for. What’s more, this is the perfect time for indoor and outdoor home improvement projects, now that the summer heat is finally over.

To get your house ready for the chilly months ahead, seek out a reliable remodeling service in Carmel Valley to transform your home before the first frost hits and learn how to keep it in top shape all winter long. 

How to improve your home for the fall? 

Take your home from dreary to dandy with these must-do fall home improvement tasks:remodeling service in Carmel Valley

1. Give the guest room a fresh look

As the holiday season approaches and family begins to visit, it makes sense to rejuvenate your guest bedroom first. Apply paint touch-ups to walls, trim, and baseboards where necessary. Also, keep in mind that moving furniture from room to room may have a profound effect on the way you interact with the space. The ideal arrangement also includes a spot for guests to relax and leave their belongings.

2. Bring life to your porch

Patio evenings are even more appealing once the temperatures start dropping. It’s amazing what a few updates can do for your home. In case your outdoor furniture fails to meet your needs, you may still enjoy all the seasonal comforts with cleverly designed furniture. For instance, purchase some weather-resistant pieces both aesthetically pleasing and that will last for years to come.

3. Spruce up your attic & garage 

It’s best to get your garage and/or attic organized early in the fall season to prepare them for the holidays, when space is often limited. Cleaning out unneeded items will make room for new ones, and can prevent headaches later on.  

Put up adjustable shelving along with plastic bins, and hang hooks for added organization. A major reconstruction might also be an option if you’re hoping to gain extra space or make your attic more than just an attic.

4. A new coat of paint

Painting a house or changing the color scheme can completely alter its appearance. Fall is the perfect season for both interior and exterior painting. This is a great time to implement new interior design ideas as well, just in time for friends and family to visit. 

5. Keep up on landscaping & leaf removal

No matter the season, landscaping can dramatically improve the look of your outdoor living area. Put fall and winter foliage on your porches and protect plants that are sensitive to the weather. Additionally, leaves prevent sunlight from reaching your lawn, so keep your lawn free of debris every week.

Where can I find a reliable remodeling service in Carmel Valley and the region?Where can I find a reliable remodeling service in Carmel Valley and the region

Whether you’re looking for sophisticated fall decorating ideas, or you need expert advice on upcoming design trends, Lars Remodeling & Design is here to help. As the leading authority in remodeling and design in the San Diego area with over 30 years of experience, you can rely on us to handle any renovation project. We ensure high quality, professionalism, and efficiency through our design-build approach. 

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