4 Industry Trends to Look For During Your Remodel

How can post-pandemic industry trends affect my remodel?

The renovation industry is always booming with new trends. There are many things to consider when it comes time for your remodel. If you’re planning to give your residence a comprehensive makeover, it may be helpful to know what will happen in the industry over time. What is driving these trends? Will they affect your renovation project and budget?

To get some clarity, why not get in touch with a reliable local home remodeling company in San Diego? To learn more about these trends, and other considerations in the industry – read on!

How can post-pandemic industry trends affect my remodel? 

  1. Lead times have been extended as a result of the pandemic. There are many reasons for this, including supply chain shortages and the challenges in hiring qualified, skilled laborers. In some cases, this translates to longer project timelines, so it is important to work with your remodeling team to plan accordingly.
  2. Supply shortages are the second trend to look for. With large construction projects occurring across North America, there is a lot of demand from suppliers. This may lead to delays in getting the supplies your contractor needs and may impact pricing. Speak openly and honestly with your contractor about any concerns and understand that many of these issues fall outside of their control.
  3. Increasing costs. There are many external factors that drive up renovation costs – including materials, labor shortages, and increased regulation for some sectors. This can mean higher prices for you as a client so it’s important to communicate with your remodeling team, establish and understand your budget, and expect that pricing fluctuations may occur.
  4. Tighter regulation. New regulations are coming into place, that may impact your remodel in various ways. For example, stricter requirements on the electrical sector may lead to delays or cause additional fees due to more rigorous inspections. 

What does this mean for you as the homeowner? 

Given the above-discussed industry trends and challenges, how does this affect you as the homeowner, planning to undergo renovations? You might have already considered some pros and cons of renovating and have a clearer picture. You can go for a number of nice-to-have home upgrades or smart improvements that would pay off down the line. 

Here are some post-pandemic ideas that you can implement to make your project worthwhile: 

  1. Incorporate nature, using reclaimed materials such as wood and stone. This means looking into sourcing local materials to keep material transportation costs down.
  2. Go for energy-efficient appliances. Home appliances with an Energy Star label are always a great choice. Plus they’re more affordable than you might think.
  3. Increase natural light by using skylights or an atrium. This can boost the appearance of your home, especially in compact living spaces, and reduce your electric bills.
  4. Look into energy efficiency. Another way to save money in the long run l is by looking into energy-saving windows. Insulated windows prevent the transfer of heat from inside and outside, keeping your home cool in the hottest months. What’s more, you can choose eco-friendly options such as solar panels. This way, you’ll help preserve the environment and also reduce your energy bills. 
  5. Pick less expensive and pre-fabricated alternatives. Due to supply shortages, companies tend to use some more affordable materials or to adjust the existing layout with pre-fabricated solutions.
  6. Home offices and schoolrooms. This is an increasingly popular trend, due to social distancing. The conflation between leisure and business or school hours is becoming a source of additional stress. This is why having a separate nook for your work, meetings, or school classes is a way to divide your personal time and other responsibilities.  

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