Four Tips for a More Practical Kitchen

How do you make a kitchen practical

Designing your dream culinary station can be quite a challenge; with it seems as if there’s never enough space. In case you are struggling to organize your space, keep in mind that functional and stylish kitchens require clever design ideas.

If you’re planning to create a custom kitchen space or renovate your existing one, reach out to experienced kitchen remodeling contractors in the Point Loma region to discuss your ideas. Their expertise will help you maximize the effectiveness and organization of your kitchen in no time.

How do you make a kitchen practical?

It takes careful planning to create a visually appealing and practical kitchen. If you want a kitchen space that works perfectly for you, consider these four tips:

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1. Choose the right layout for your kitchen

A kitchen area that’s safe and comfortable for the whole family depends on the layout. It’s a well-balanced setup that helps you maximize the room’s potential. However, remember that acquiring the right kitchen arrangement is a serious undertaking. It’s a demanding process that involves getting permits and managing construction challenges; outsourcing work to professionals such as Lars Remodeling & Design will not disappoint.

2. Plan a landing area near appliances

Well-designed landing areas can define a kitchen. They can simplify cooking, streamline prepping, and facilitate maintenance. When planning your cooking space, remember to apply spatial recommendations and ensure there are 15 inches of counter space on each side of a refrigerator, cooktop, microwave, toaster, and other appliances.

3. Think ahead for storage

A common complaint about kitchen designs is a lack of space. If you enjoy cooking and use every work surface available, you know how difficult it can be to stay organized. Finding a place to keep all your necessary items easily accessible can be quite tricky, particularly with small kitchens. However, with some smart planning, this could be prevented.

Kitchen islands are often forgotten when it comes to choosing storage options. Since all your cooking and tidying outings usually take place there, it’s an ideal location to stash everyday items. 

4. Create flow 

Whether you’re making your first cup of coffee in the morning or cooking a lavish dinner, a kitchen designed for natural flow will streamline the process and make it more enjoyable. 

In order to minimize wasted space and improve efficiency, you should follow the golden work triangle. Before deciding on your backsplash and flooring, take a moment to plan out the major kitchen areas: the sink, refrigerator, and stove.


Where can I find experienced kitchen remodeling contractors in Point Loma?

Where can I find experienced kitchen remodeling contractors in Point Loma

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen to improve your daily routine or to raise the value of your property, Lars Remodeling & Design is here to help. 

Lars is a locally-owned company offering a range of specialized remodeling services throughout San Diego County. With over 30 years of proven experience in the field, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized design solutions that follow industry best practices. 

You can count on our qualified and vetted team for second-story additions, in-law suite expansions, master bedroom additions, or any other type of home improvement. We’ll provide you with the best possible treatment every step of the way, from on-site consultations and 3D planning to construction and project management.