Open Floor Plans: Essentials

How do you make open floor plans feel cozy

Thoughtful remodeling projects focus on maximizing and opening homes into one unified space. Homes like this are elevated, enhancing a sense of togetherness. Open-concept lets you focus on your own pursuits while keeping family and friends in the loop. Just imagine. During parties, your home becomes a huge party venue. Even if you’re cooking, you can still talk to your guests.

Luckily, with the help of expert design-build contractors in Del Mar, you can rest assured the design will be cohesive and unique.

How do you make open floor plans feel cozy?

An open floor plan brings a lot to the table when it comes to modern home design. However, if you want it to be distinguished by clean lines and efficiency, consider the following:design build contractors del mar

1. Create rooms that flow together

A successful open plan requires a good flow. Do some planning and reconfigure the entire living area to make the most out of your space. Make sure you choose focal points carefully, as they play an important role in maintaining symmetry and balance throughout your home. Keep in mind this also applies to your furniture and other decorative accessories. 

2. Think of transition 

This brings us to transition points and buffer zones, key components of an open floor plan. Common, shared spaces are closely integrated with the back-of-house areas, entryways, and bedrooms, allowing us to control the flow of energy between them. Moreover, they facilitate positive interactions within the family.

3. Design according to your tastes 

Our homes must be flexible enough to adapt to our families as they change over time, even in the short term. Though working with open plans can be difficult at first, maintaining harmony while remaining true to your taste is essential.

There are plenty of ways for a simple layout to incorporate your favorite colors, patterns, and other unique features.

4. Define zones clearly

A clearly defined floor plan is not only perceived differently, but it’s also extremely time-saving and convenient. While your ultimate goal may be an open space, make sure you separate zones for different purposes. For instance, use furniture to create smaller distinct areas, such as a dining area or a study corner for your kids. Additionally, you can use an island as a physical barrier. 

5. Keep scale in mind

Using harmony as your guide, you’ll be able to create the open-concept design you’ve always wanted. The key is to ensure there are no dominant rooms in your home. Also, symmetry is always a good way to achieve cohesion. As an interior design element, it provides balance and calm – besides looking great in large rooms, it also creates a sense of spaciousness in smaller ones.

6. Choose the right palette

A palette of three to five colors creates intrigue and balance to your home. Select one white or light color, at least one neutral, and two complementary colors. You can do this by pairing colors based on their families, creating a balance between warm and cool hues. Another way is to coordinate colors that have a similar intensity. An interior designer can assist with these decisions. Where can I find reliable design-build contractors in Del Mar and the area

Where can I find reliable design-build contractors in Del Mar and the area? 

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