Summer Trends: Design Tips for Bringing Bright Colors into Your Beach Home

How do you style a beach house

Think of a beach scene: walking barefoot along the shore, the wind blowing gently, beating the afternoon heat. There’s a sailboat on the horizon, bobbing lazily along the crystal-clear waters. The only sounds you hear are the crash of waves, and the chirp of seagulls.

Whether you live near the ocean or many miles away, coastal decorating will bring this dreamy vision to life. Coastal styles celebrate the unique character of beach house design, and hiring a home remodeling service in Coronado will transform your home into the perfect beach getaway. 

How do you style a beach house?

Colors, fabrics, furniture selections, or clever design choices can easily evoke the spirit of a beachside retreat. Here’s everything you need to know about seaside decor, and ways to incorporate it into your interiors.

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1. Choose the right color palette 

This style is characterized mainly by neutral tones, with feature pieces like driftwood adding to its earthy appeal. We recommend choosing subdued colors as your starting point. White, off-white, beige, gray, or blue gray are safe choices for large wall areas, and there’s nothing quite like a light floor, like sand. 

Adding a secondary or tertiary color can enhance the visual depth of your room. If you like bold accents like red, orange, or lime green, it’s easy to create a tropical ambiance. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with deeper nautical hues, such as navy and inky blues. Choosing deeper shades as one of your primary colors will result in a sophisticated and soothing atmosphere.

2. Think about texture 

The use of texture can add a touch of character to a beach home. The presence of raw natural elements reflects its essence. For instance, a beach house would be incomplete without stone and wood in the bathroom, garden, or walkways. Those materials are a great way to add texture to a house. Also, fine cotton and light panels are perfect for curtains because they are floaty and breathable. 

To achieve coastal ambiance, you can also opt for natural woven fabric shades as the first layer, with sheer accent panels for the second. Don’t forget the pillows, as they’re a great way to balance the strong tonal contrasts and give your home a welcoming appearance.

3. Choose the right furnishings 

Where can I find reliable remodeling service in Coronado and the region

There’s nothing better than a relaxing stay at your own place with furnishings that make you feel like you’re on vacation from the moment you step inside. Keep in mind that wood furniture can be very sensitive to ocean air. Heat can also play a role in choosing which material furniture to purchase. For that reason, beach houses need stylish, yet sturdy pieces. Choose materials that combine casual coastal style with long-lasting durability. 

Where can I find reliable remodeling service in Coronado and the region?

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