From Vision Board to Reality

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Whether you’re planning just a small update or a major home renovation, the key to realizing a project that fits your lifestyle is to have a unique creative reference. Most importantly, you want a design that reflects your taste and brings you joy for years down the road. 

The outcome always depends on remodeling contractors and designers working together on the best solutions for your Coronado residence. Here are four steps to help you and your project team work in synchronization to build your custom dream home.

How can I turn my home renovation vision into reality?

To find the right solution for your family home renovation, experts follow a streamlined process with the following 4 steps: 

Professional Remodeling Contractors in Coronado, CA

Step #1: Getting to know you

Before diving right into demolition, remodeling experts begin the process with a phone consultation to learn about your needs, wants, and desired objectives. At this phase, you’ll discuss your overall goals for the space, as well as the timeline and the budget for the project. Once you have your plan in place, along with a clear understanding of what you want from your home, the team will visit you on-site to take measurements, observe how you use the space, and examine the existing structure.

Step #2: Mood board

Every good design concept starts with sketches and mood boards to clarify your functional and aesthetic goals. Vision boards allow homeowners to express their ideas abstractly and in a creative manner. Additionally, it helps you visualize your dream home clearly. As soon as all the details and requirements have been finalized, the team will coordinate the labor details and walk all members through the job site.

Step #3: Procurement

During this phase, your team will work with you to keep the final project within the specified budget. After checking the project costs off the lists, they should proceed with obtaining permits, placing orders with vendors, monitoring and confirming them, and so on. You can expect every detail to be considered, along with regular updates on the project, so you can enjoy the process of creating your new space.

Step #4: Implementation 

Once you finally have a start date, your project manager will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting for the project kickoff. At this stage, remodeling contractors should discuss the project schedule and important project housekeeping issues, such as where to place the dumpster and which areas of the house should be most protected. 

As a result, you will be better prepared and able to keep track of everything. Your expert remodeling team will take all steps to ensure your family’s comfort and safety throughout the renovation process. Also, it’s critical that the team reassesses its position and verifies any gaps or changes in the plan’s direction after every scheduled phase.

Where can I find reputable home remodeling contractors in Coronado

Where can I find reputable home remodeling contractors in Coronado, CA?

If you want to give your home a more appealing appearance with a kitchen or bathroom renovation, or any other area of your house, be sure to choose a company that will accommodate your vision. Thanks to more than three decades of experience in the field, we can deliver excellence, reliability, and efficiency. Whether you want to combine practicality and style or want expert advice on how to incorporate bright color into your space, we’re here to help.

Here at Lars Remodeling & Design, we understand that construction and renovation projects require collaboration, common goals, and a commitment to completing the job on time and within budget, which is why Coronado residents can rely on us for expert home remodeling services. Our team knows how to make you and your family want to feel an integral part of your remodeling process!