11 Upgrades to Add to Your Remodel

What are some 11 nice-to-have upgrades for your remodel

When you opt for a thorough home remodeling project, you want the final result to be something special. Of course, the level of detail will depend on your overall budget. Sometimes, you might feel that you should try to do some upgrades yourself, but it’s never a bad idea to look for local contractors specialized in whole-house makeovers

Of course, you can seek advice from your local home remodelers in San Diego, who can also help you with professional interior design or are skilled at carrying out home office renovation projects. Read on to find out how to spruce up your property with some nice-to-have additions. 

What are some 11 nice-to-have upgrades for your remodel?

If you’re looking to increase the functionality and comfort of your house, it’s always wise to invest your money in a variety of useful upgrades. Consider some of the following options to give your residence a unique touch.

  1. Customize your cabinetry. Extending the depth and height of your kitchen cabinets is great for adding more space. Besides increasing the storage, you can choose a different type of paint or finish. Choose a design that will perfectly fit your appliances and think about some useful upgrades: glass cabinet inserts, deep-end drawers for pots and pans, etc. 
  2. Install a new dishwasher. Besides serving the primary purpose and saving time on washing dishes, updated dishwashers will also help you reduce water consumption. When it’s precisely integrated with cabinets and countertops, it will have a positive impact on the overall feel and look of the kitchen. 
  3. Install hardwood flooring. Replacing carpet with wood floors or luxury vinyl flooring in some areas of your home is a nice touch that brings value and function, especially given the fact that an average quality carpet demands more upkeep. In comparison with hardwood or LVP, you would usually have to replace your carpets every 10 – 15 years. 
  4. Upgrade carpeting and pad. If you do wish to make a carpet upgrade, don’t forget to invest in quality under padding to give the carpet an extra-plush feeling.
  5. Update the bathroom tile and grout. Tile replacement is a big job and not something you can change frequently, so choose wisely. Select a complementary grout color – there are many options available – that will look nice, wear well, and disguise discolorations.
  6. Install a water filter. Why should you waste money on bottled water when you can have clean, perfectly filtered water from your own tap? This is a nice upgrade that will be beneficial for the environment and your wallet. 
  7. Add a fan to the bathroom vent. Bathrooms are damp places where all sorts of germs can thrive, especially when there’s a lack of natural airflow. To preserve your health and improve air quality, a fan on the vent will guarantee that the air continues to circulate.  
  8. Install a thermostat. Thermostats give you the right balance between energy consumption and comfort. If you’re using smart technologies, you can even control the thermostat directly from your phone using apps. Make sure to consult with trained professionals first, of course.
  9. Redo an old deck. Aside from aesthetic value and safety, making sure old decks are repaired, replaced, or maintained will ensure your ability to enjoy them.
  10. Invest in interior shutters. Besides making it feel more private, interior shutters keep glaring sunlight out and can even protect your furnishings from added wear in sunny spots in your home. 
  11. Crown molding. This is one of homeowners’ all-time favorites, and if installed properly, it can give a rich look to any room. Besides the aesthetic, it also serves a practical purpose, covering the gap where the ceiling and wall intersect.  

Where can I find experienced home renovators in San Diego?

Updating your home with larger projects can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful. Whether you aim for a complete makeover or just some clever fine-tuning, hiring skilled specialists can greatly speed up the process and spare you the time and energy. 

As industry leaders in the San Diego area, Lars Remodeling & Design offers creative solutions for a variety of house improvement projects. If you wish to breathe new life into your household, our design and construction experts will facilitate the whole process and deliver the expected result. Contact us today to reimagine your residence in style!