How Biophilic Design Can Benefit Your Health and Wellbeing

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Our relationship with nature has never been more vital. With lengthy commutes paired with long hours at work, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay connected with the natural world. There’s no coincidence that mental and physical health issues are on the rise at the same time. In fact, the lack of exposure to natural settings is the very reason we’re not receiving some of the main benefits it has to offer.

But is there a way to bring nature into home design, especially if you live in an apartment in La Jolla and can’t afford to build a new house from scratch? With reliable home remodeling services, the process is actually simpler than you might think. 

What are the positive effects of biophilic design?

Simply put, biophilia refers to our innate desire to connect with nature through our built environment. It has shifted the way we live, and allowed us to take a break from our hectic schedules. home remodeling service la jolla

Inside our homes, biophilic design incorporates concepts of “biomimicry.” Essentially, our houses mimic nature with plants, water features, and nature-inspired views. Water walls, fountains, and fish ponds are examples of this, along with wood, stone, and other natural materials.

If you’re still wondering why you should consider it, here are some of the main benefits of biophilic design for your indoor spaces:

1. Playing a therapeutic role

According to research, biophilia can improve our well-being by affecting three systems:

  • Physiological – Naturally reduces stress and anxiety
  • Psychological – Due to its calming effects 
  • Cognitive functions  – Stimulates creativity and improves mood

If taking a holistic approach to health, connecting to nature is essential to your wellbeing, hence the therapeutic value of biophilic design features, as they offer calming, relaxing, and stress-relieving effects. What’s best, it gives people the chance to enjoy nature and fresh air without having to travel too far. 

2. Sharpen our senses

Our senses guide us as we go about our daily lives. Every time we step into a new space, we experience it first through our senses. Just think about it: Your eyes are fixed on the world around you. You observe, you touch and feel your surroundings, you notice how materials differ, the texture they have, and you do that all at once. Therefore, integrating biophilic design elements into your home naturally engages your senses, creating the same effect you would experience outdoors.

3. Improves our performance 

It’s in our nature to look for things that are safe and comforting in the world around us. In other words, the best way to stimulate our brains is to take in the beauty around us. It’s no surprise that when people have more access to natural light, they think clearer and are generally more engaged. This is why introducing direct and indirect nature-inspired elements – such as placing windows strategically throughout a space – will not only enhance human connectivity to outdoor spaces, but will also reduce fatigue and help regulate indoor temperatures, among other benefits. 

Where in La Jolla can I find dependable home remodeling service?

Where in La Jolla can I find dependable home remodeling serviceIn your quest to bring the outdoors inside, you might wonder what you can do beyond house plants and earthy tones. For those interested in biophilic design elements for their next renovation, the possibilities are endless. However, you might want to turn to home improvement experts such as Lars Remodeling & Design, who specialize in custom homes and have a thorough understanding of both aesthetics and technical execution.

These professionals have many years of experience in the field and know exactly how to fit your home to your lifestyle, no matter what your remodeling plans are. As a design-build company, we are committed to excellence, professionalism, and efficiency. You can count on our experienced team of designers and builders no matter if you live near renewed Ellen Browning Scripps Park or elsewhere in the area. Give us a call and we’ll upgrade your home the way you imagined!