5 Reasons to Consider Adding a New Room

Why do a room addition

If you are thinking about ways to improve the quality of your life, investing in a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing room addition might be a great solution that can bring you a high return on your investment. Regardless of how big or small your property is, there are many reasons why a home expansion is well worth the investment

Whether you’re lacking space from your growing family or you simply crave additional privacy options, reaching out to qualified experts in room additions will help you transform your current home in Pacific Beach, or anywhere across the region, to your exact needs. Still in doubt? Here are the top 5 reasons that will help you make up your mind. 

Why do a room addition?

If you’re not certain whether adding a new room to your home is the right choice for you, here are 5 compelling reasons why you should consider this type of project:

1. Increasing square footage

Adding more functional and livable space is one of the common reasons for homeowners to embark on expanding their homes. For instance, if your house feels underwhelming or you’re expecting a new family member, an extra bedroom will turn a crowded home into just the perfect size.

2. Boosting home value 

A well-planned addition is a cost-effective way to expand your home while increasing the value of the property significantly. By working with a design build firm you’ll have top architects, experienced interior designers, and contractors all under one roof. This will ensure you not only get a design that reflects your lifestyle, but have one company to coordinate your entire project from start to finish.

If you’re wondering how to determine the most suitable addition for yourself, the answer will depend on your family’s specific needs, goals, and budget. However, home improvements like a multipurpose media room, bathroom remodel, and basement upgrades are the most popular ones and can give a significant boost to your home value. 

3. Avoiding moving hassle

Outgrowing your home doesn’t have to be the reason to move. If you love where you live, the right vision and professional extension plans can make an addition a more convenient solution. 

Just think about all the stress behind purchasing a new home – hiring a real estate agent, looking for a moving company, packing up your life in boxes, getting familiar with a new neighborhood. On the other hand, adding an entire second-story, in-law suite, or a hobby room may be a less tiring and much more affordable answer to your problems.

4. Adding a luxurious flair to your home

If you want to turn your house into a dream home from the ground up, lavish your space with a gorgeous dining area, stylish en-suite, a bathroom retreat, or a home gym. These expansions will add luxurious interior touches to your existing property. 

5. Vision tailored to your preferences 

Creating personalized space gives you an opportunity to design it to your exact preferences. You can choose everything from materials and layout to minor features you’ve been dreaming. In collaboration with your contractor, you can pick the size, style, materials, and other vital design and architectural elements to achieve the vision of the perfect home. 

With a skilled team, you’ll get a room addition that reflects your unique taste and requirements, whether it’s functionality and comfort or ample storage capacity you’re pursuing. 

Where can I find reliable room additions experts in Pacific Beach

Where can I find reliable room additions experts in Pacific Beach?

Lars Remodeling & Design is a locally-owned company specializing in home remodeling and additions across San Diego County. We pride ourselves on delivering customized design solutions following the highest industry standards, no matter if you live near Kate Sessions Park or elsewhere in the area. Whether you are looking for an entire second-story addition, in-law suite expansion, master bedroom addition, or any other type of addition or remodel, count on our knowledgeable and experienced team.

We promise prompt and courteous service, in line with your vision. Contact us today!