Holiday Remodel Organization 101


As fun and exciting as they are, the holidays can also be an overwhelming and stressful time. If  your home is undergoing a renovation during the holiday season, you may be in for an especially nerve-racking experience.

While managing your house renovation during the holiday season may make you irritable and impatient, an expertly performed remodeling project is always a great idea. No matter the time of year, your home improvement will go exactly as planned with the help of seasoned contractors in San Diego and some smart strategizing.

Check out expert tips for a smooth remodeling process. Believe it or not, you can both celebrate and get the remodeling results you want. What’s better than beginning the new year with a perfectly manicured, newly revamped home?

How do I organize my home remodel during the holidays?

How do I organize my home remodel during the holidaysRenovations often cause disturbance, mess, and instability. All of these factors make passions run high, and the fact that holidays are nearing while you’re in the middle of your project may take you to the boiling point.

However, the payoff of well executed remodeling tramples all of the possible inconveniences. The feeling of finally having the home of your dreams is extremely rewarding. If you’re well organized and you’re working with a reliable contractor, there’s no reason to worry.

Follow these simple tips to make your life easier during a renovation:

  • Go over everything with your contractor: It’s reassuring to know that you and your contractor are on the same page. Discuss every aspect of your remodel, down to the last detail. This includes informing them of your plans for the holidays. Let them know if you’d rather take a break from the renovation for a few days and resume after the festivities.
  • Lay out a feasible plan: Design a schedule that’s manageable considering the circumstances. Consult your contractor and assess how much work can realistically be achieved before the holidays roll up. It’s better to leave some of the work for after the holidays than rush to get everything over with.
  • Share your thoughts with your remodeling company: Be honest with your contractor about anything that may be irking or troubling you. Communicate clearly instead of bottling up your concerns. This is the only way to resolve possible issues. Be up for a compromise and open for suggestions they may offer.
  • Keep the place as neat as possible: A renovation commonly produces dust and debris. You can usually take care of these to an extent before your guests come over. Don’t aim for perfection because your guests will certainly be understanding of the fact you have a remodel underway. You should also provide adequate storage for your contractors’ tools and materials, to help keep them out of the way.

How do I get in touch with skilled home improvement contractors in San Diego?

How do I get in touch with skilled home improvement contractors in San DiegoWhether you’re planning a remodel of your home in Hillcrest or another area of San Diego, Lars Remodeling & Design has the know-how and experience to take it on. With our know-how and vast experience, we’ll help you stay on top of your holiday renovation project.

You can depend on our expert crew if you’d like to get your home ready for Christmas party guests or prepare your holiday feast in a brand new kitchen. No matter what your renovation dilemmas are, we’ll hear you out and provide you with professional guidance all the way.

Simply reach out to us, let us know what kind of construction work you need, and we’ll spring to action. Let’s design and create a space that perfectly matches your wishes. Out with the old, in with the new!