2015 Renovations and Remodeling Cost VS. Value

Cost vs Value InfographicWhen looking into renovations and home improvements often your biggest concern is how much it will cost. While this is certainly important, you’ll also want to consider how much of its value you will be able to recoup later. Fortunately for homeowners there are a large number of remodeling projects that offer the potential for a high return on investment. Many people automatically think of kitchens and bathrooms when they hear home remodel – but which part of your home is the best to invest in to boost value? You may be surprised at which projects top the list with the greatest ROI for 2015.

We have put together this resource to share how to get the most out of your next home renovation or remodel and which home improvement projects will give you the greatest return on investment. Read through the infographic, Cost VS. Value for tips and project recommendations.

2015 Renovations and Remodeling Cost vs. Value

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