6 Designer Kitchen Styles You Will Love


Kitchen designs range from classical to contemporary, with a whole myriad of options in between. When choosing the right kitchen style for your home you need to think about two key things: the styles you like and the styles that will work in your home.

The styles you like:
Remodeling your kitchen gives you the perfect opportunity to create a space you love. Think about how much time you spend in the kitchen, whether it’s when you’re sharing family time, entertaining guests, or enjoying a quiet cup of coffee each morning—your kitchen deserves to be a space that you love.

The styles that fit your home:
Although a kitchen is an integral part of your home, it’s also just one part of the property. If you’re not planning on remodeling your entire home you may want to consider kitchen styles that fit with the existing style of your property. Creating a cohesive style for your home’s interior can help bring the rooms of your home together to create that designer look. Don’t worry, many kitchen designs can be given a more modern or traditional look using color, fixtures, and accessories, so you’ll still have a large range of options, whatever you home’s style!

Browse through our selection of kitchen styles below to get inspiration for your kitchen remodel:

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional style kitchens offer a timeless and classic look that’s the perfect option for people looking to create a warm and welcoming space for the whole family. Traditional kitchens boast elegant styling with beautifully detailed cabinets and ornate trim. A great example of a traditional kitchen can be found in the La Jolla oceanfront property that famously became the most expensive property on the market back in 2015.

designer kitchens - traditional

Image Source: Realtor.com

This exquisite home offers a gourmet kitchen with glass-fronted cabinets, smooth granite countertops, crown molding, and stainless steel appliances. The owners added a colorful touch with glass feature lighting to bring the focus over the family dining table. Traditional kitchens offer a luxury feel that will bring your family and friends together.

Lars Remodeling Designer Kitchen - traditional

Lars Remodeling & Design Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens work well in more classical homes. The elaborate design, classical styling, and bold features make a strong style statement that looks best when integrated into traditionally styled properties. To achieve the perfect traditional look your new kitchen will need to include raised panel cabinet doors, decorative architectural design, luxury countertops, ornate furniture, and feature lighting.

Modern Kitchen

modern designer kitchen

Image Source: Curbed.com

Fans of modern style interiors will love the clean lines and simplicity offered by a contemporary kitchen style. The famous Stahl House in Los Angeles still has the original 1922 kitchen that is the perfect example of how the clean look of a modern style kitchen has stood the test of time and now influences today’s modern kitchen style.

modern designer kitchen lars remodel

Modern Kitchen Designed By Lars Remodeling & Design

The modern look combines flat surfaces, strong geometric shapes, and very little hardware. Although the Stahl kitchen is dominated by wood, today’s modern style kitchens often incorporate manmade materials to give a super clean and refined look to the finished room. Commonly used materials include plastics, laminates, and ceramics. Combining natural products such as granite and wood with manmade materials can bring contrast to a modern kitchen while giving the remodel a luxury feel. To really embrace a modern style the look should be extended to all appliances, utensils, furniture, and lighting used in the kitchen.

If you’re a fan of bold design choices, a clean uncluttered look, and strong angles then a modern kitchen will make a great addition to your home!

Transitional Kitchen

transitional kitchen - designer kitchen

Image Source: BusinessInsider.com

One of San Francisco’s Painted Ladies, made famous by its staring role in Full House, was recently renovated to achieve a modern look that also paid homage to the home’s history. The kitchen was especially important for the home’s new owners who wanted to blend classic looks with all the features and functionality needed by a modern family. To combine modern tastes with classic styling they chose the light colored doors of a classic kitchen with a stunning white countertop, modern grey-toned tiles, and stainless steel fittings.

transitional designer kitchen - lars remodel

Lars Remodeling & Design Transitional Kitchen Design

Transitional kitchens are the perfect choice for people looking for a simple design that can be personalized with their own choice of unique fixtures, appliances, and accessories. Transitional kitchens often begin with beige, white, or off-white cabinet doors that give the kitchen a warm and welcoming feel. The homeowner can personalize their classic kitchen with their choice of countertops and tiles, which can be used to give the look a modern twist. This neutral design can also be easy accommodated in a multitude of home styles where accessories and colors can be used to tie the new kitchen into the rest of the house.

Other Beautiful Designer Kitchens To Explore

Contemporary Kitchens
If you love the look of modern style kitchens but want more freedom in design then a contemporary kitchen offers the perfect compromise. Contemporary kitchens embrace the clean and simple look of the modern style but also integrate features from other styles to suit the homeowner’s tastes.

Craftsman Kitchens
Craftsman style kitchens emerged towards the end of the nineteenth century. Craftsman kitchens feature solid-wood cabinet doors, a simple look, and limited adornment. This style of kitchen is perfect for people who love the combination of simple design and natural materials.

Farmhouse Kitchens
Farmhouse kitchens are most definitely the heart of the home. They boast traditional features including open shelving, large feature sinks, and a dining table big enough for the whole family! Farmhouse style kitchens make a great option for people who want a welcoming and relaxed kitchen that the perfect place to cook for their loved ones.

Get A Kitchen That You’ll Love For Many Years To Come
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