Adding A Wine Cellar To Your Home

We live in California, the heart of wine country. Around here, wine cellars are almost required in a home. Whether you’re a collector, a vintner, or simply an enthusiast, there’s a remodeling option that can fit your needs, your budget, and the space you’ve got available in your home.

Big, Small, And Everything In Between

One of the most common misconceptions about wine coolers and cellars is that you need to have a lot of square footage to make it work. If you want a whole wine room you’re going to need some room, but you certainly don’t have to miss out on having a place to store your wine just because you’re tight on space. We’ve built wine cabinets and other small-space solutions for our customers. They’re an increasingly common feature for kitchen remodeling in San Diego because it’s so convenient to have perfectly chilled bottles available right near the cooking and serving surfaces.

No Need To Be Underground

Traditional cellars are in the basement, but modern heating and cooling makes that irrelevant. You can keep your bottles at the desired temperature in any location. This makes it easier to add a wine room during a renovation – we don’t have to excavate! It’s just a question of finding the best location within your home for it.

Adding Design To The Equation

The first concern for a wine room is the practical design. It must function to keep the bottles at the desired temperature. But beyond that there can be a lot more to it. For example, if you’ve got the space you can create a small seating area nearby. Regardless of how tight the space is, you’ll still have numerous choices to make about materials and other specifics that will dramatically change the look and feel of the new area. The most common materials are finished wood and stone. Finished wood adds an old-world, refined feeling, while stone is a more rustic choice. Both allow proper air circulation and temperature with the use of appropriate circulation and cooling systems.

Interested in learning more? We’d be happy to talk to you about the options for a wine room in your home.