Aging In Place: Adapting Your Home To Fit Your Changing Needs

Your home is your castle, and you don’t have to abandon it just because your needs change. Aging is a natural process, and an exciting new range of products is being developed specifically to address the new set of needs of Boomers and beyond. This is the genesis of “Aging in Place,” a phrase that describes an entire way of life focusing on staying comfortable and staying in your home.

Building For Comfort

A lot of aging in place is simply about ensuring that you are always comfortable. New innovations like higher toilets, lower tubs, and even tubs with rising walls or doors help reduce unnecessary movement. We see a lot of demand for this in San Diego bathroom remodeling: it’s often substantially more comfortable for people of all ages and abilities.

New Technology, New Opportunities

As technology continues to evolve, we’re seeing a lot of new features make their way into bathrooms. Rising baths would not have been practical just a few years ago. Now, companies are focusing their innovation efforts on products which cater specifically to people who might want more assistance in their bathrooms.

Building Now To Accommodate Future Needs

If you’re considering re-doing your bathroom now, you might want to think ahead and plan for the future to avoid another re-do in a few years. It’s very possible to have a San Diego bathroom remodel that looks attractive and functions well for both current and future needs.

Lars Remodeling & Design is proud to offer San Diego bathroom remodeling designed for aging in place. We can help create a beautiful space that works with your current requirements, but is also set up to support you and your family as you grow older. Contact us to learn more about making your San Diego bathroom remodel truly timeless.