BATHROOM RENO: Invest Your Money in Sense Appeal


The wonderful thing about renovating a bathroom is that you get to indulge yourself in this delightful personal space while waiting to recoup your investment. The introduction of chromatherapy, luminotherapy and aromatherapy into showers, steam units and tubs has been astounding. Bathrooms have become multisensory and there are marvellous products on the market today that can be called upon to deliver a truly sensory experience. It is a good time to ask yourself how the most personal room in your home relates to sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. The answer may inspire you to soothe your senses.

SIGHT: How we see has a dramatic affect on how we feel. Light in any room is critical, but it is especially important in the bathroom. Think about adding or enlarging windows and doors, or building skylights and Sola-Tubes. They not only add light but also create focal features.

SIGHT: Our eyes tell us where the luxury is. Decorative faucets in alternative finishes that have personality – especially rustic, weathered finishes are all about bringing glamor to the bath.

TOUCH: Stay warm and dry with the help of a roaring fire. If space permits, create a luxurious space by locating a gas fireplace opposite the tub, with an armchair beside it.

TOUCH: Showers are also stepping to the forefront, complete with body sprays and rain heads. It could be time to a seldom used tub and make the shower large and spa like.

TOUCH: Choose flooring that feels good under bare feet, while keeping in mind that carpeting, for obvious reasons, is not a good idea in bathrooms. Think heated tile and never step out of the shower onto cold floors again.

TOUCH: Easy on the eyes, natural textures like stone, marble and wood also provide a warm visual welcome.

TOUCH: A tub with sloping sides is bliss. A soaker tub is the epitome of comfort.

SOUND: A modest-size television positioned discreetly lets you keep up to speed on your favorite episodes, news and sports, while winding down from the stress of the day. For long soaking times, consider placing the television within a cabinet at the foot of the bathtub and enjoy the ultimate indulgent location for TV viewing.

SOUND: There are countless ways to bring music and the sounds of nature into the bathroom. You might install invisible speakers for music and waterproof CD player could be added to the shower.

TASTE: With the long hours spent in the spa bathroom, you will want to prefer for hunger pangs. If you install a minifridge or refrigerator drawer in the ensuite, you will always have food and a bottle of sparkling water right at your fingertips. Putting a beverage fridge in the ensuite furthers the spa experience at home.

SCENT: Scent is becoming a new way to embellish our world.

SCENT: Scents take us away from stress faster than any other stimuli. That is why you now see steam generators in showers with reservoirs for essential oils.

SCENT, SIGHT, CHROMATHERAPY: What’s really exciting though is the development of chromatherapy, or light therapy. Technology allows us to install lighting inside your tub so you’re soaking not just in water but in colour. The colours move through the entire spectrum or can be paused on your choice.

All these innovations are designed to make the bath experience a sensory journey so, as you plan your bathroom renovation, appeal to the five senses and you will create the haven you seek.