How to Begin A Kitchen Remodel With Appliances


Remodeling your Kitchen – Why to begin with appliances

Many remodeling guides suggest that choosing your kitchen layout and cabinetry should be completed before you choose your appliances, but this may not be the best option for everyone. If you’re an aspiring chef, are passionate about appliances, or just love to cook, then choosing your appliances before planning the rest of your kitchen remodel could actually make it easier to get the kitchen of your dreams! Choosing your kitchen appliances first actually offers a number of key advantages:

-It ensures your dream appliances fit into your new kitchen design

Choosing appliances first gives you much more flexibility about which sizes and styles you can select from. In fact, it gives you free range to choose purely based on how much you like an appliance instead of whether it will fit into the space allotted by the design. By starting your kitchen remodel with appliances, you’ll have a remodel planned around your appliances instead of appliances chosen based on the design.

-You’ll know how much of your budget needs to be allocated to appliances

Often when kitchen remodels are planned, the appliances are near the end of the list when it comes to budget allocation. By the time you start shopping for your kitchen’s new appliances you may have already chosen your cabinets, work surfaces, tiles, fixtures, flooring, lighting, and even fittings! This can leave the appliance budget rather tight. You’ll have three choices in this situation: increase your budget, settle for lower quality appliances, or go back and rethink your other remodel choices. By starting with the appliances you’ll have a clear understanding of how much of your budget is being allocated to appliances before you start making other design decisions for your kitchen remodel.

-Get inspiration for the finished look of your kitchen

Choosing the finished look for your kitchen can often be one of the most difficult parts of planning your kitchen remodel. Visiting a kitchen and appliance showroom can help give you inspiration for your new kitchen, as you can not only see the latest range of appliances but also a selection of kitchen styles to help guide your decisions.

Step 1— Starting your kitchen remodel with appliances

The first step of any room remodel is to think about how you’d really like to use your remodeled space. Identifying its function for you and the other members of your household is the key to creating a room that improves your home. When it’s time to remodel your kitchen think about these two questions:

-How do you currently use your kitchen?

-What would you ideally like to use your kitchen for?

Think about how space is used. Is it currently a place to prepare meals and nothing more? Is it the heart of your home where your family gathers every day? Is it your retreat? Is it an entertaining space? Do you want to continue it’s current function in your home after the remodel or do you dream about creating a room with a whole new purpose? If you’d like to extend the functionality of your kitchen you need to develop a clear idea of what purpose you’d like the new space to serve. Knowing how your kitchen will be used can help you narrow down the types of appliances you’ll need to create that space. For example, if you’re trying to create a chef’s retreat you may be willing to sacrifice seating space to make room for large, top of the range appliances. Whereas if you know you want to incorporate a family gathering space you may choose different appliances to minimize the amount of space they take up in the room.

Step 2—outline the reasons why you are remodeling

You might be surprised to learn that this step can help you choose the right appliances for your new home. People remodel kitchens for a number of reasons, which include dated style, poor functionality, or broken features. Writing down the key reason or reasons that you want to remodel is a great way of identifying what features and functionality your new kitchen needs. A poorly designed or tired kitchen can cause frustration in many ways from poor appliances to inconvenient room layout. Ask yourself this question: do your current appliances fit you and your families needs and wants?

appliance remodel

And don’t forget:

You should also note all of the features of your current kitchen and appliances that you love so you can include them in your new remodel!

Choosing what appliances your new kitchen needs

Appliances are one of the biggest investments you’ll make in a kitchen remodel. You’re not only investing in technology and functionality but also in the look and feel of an appliance. Start with the basics:


Cooktops are generally available on gas, electric, and induction. Induction is the most energy efficient choice but many people still love to cook on gas. If you choose a gas top, remember that you’ll need to consider the supply when planning the layout.


There is a huge variety of ovens available both in terms of style and functionality. From convection to standard, single to double—how you plan to use your oven will play a major part in deciding which type best fits your needs. You may also want to consider a built-in oven for a truly streamlined and efficient kitchen. Remember to always check the oven capacity to make sure it’s large enough for your needs!

Range hood

A range hood doesn’t just add a finishing look to a kitchen it also enhances functionality. If you plan on using your kitchen as an entertaining space choosing a hood that offers low operation noise would be a great investment.

appliance first remodel

Refrigerators and freezers

Size, style, layout, and features are all things to consider when choosing a refrigerator and freezer. Think about whether features like ice dispensers are necessary and whether you have room for a separate refrigerator and freezer. Many people opt for the popular French door style as it offers a great balance of storage and features.

Next move on to additional appliance options


You’ll need to decide whether a freestanding or built-in fit the desired look for your new kitchen. You may be surprised to learn that microwaves now come in drawer style for people with limited space.


Dishwashers are available in a wide range of styles and sizes from large free standing to small drawer style.  Cost and space may influence which style you choose.

Miscellaneous appliances

If you’re an aspiring chef there may be other items on your appliance-shopping list including wine fridges, vacuum drawers, and steam ovens. If there are other appliances you’d like in your remodeled kitchen be sure to include them in your budget.

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