Big Remodel? Bigger Benefits. Here Are The Top Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel in Carlsbad

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom, but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea?

With the DIY market about to hit the $14 billion mark soon, it’s clear that remodeling and home improvements are becoming more popular. However, there are some big projects that should be left to the professionals rather than taking the risk of doing more harm than good. A bathroom remodel is one of those things. A bathroom remodel by a real professional has many, many great benefits that are worth considering.

Here are five reasons to embark on a bathroom remodel.

1. Space To Move Around

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking to squeeze a little more space out of your home. While you can’t exactly test the limits of physics, you can find ways to get more out of your space with a proper remodel of your bathroom.

Aesthetically speaking, a cluttered bathroom is also an uncomfortable space. Since you spend some of your most intimate moments in your bathroom, having space where you feel happy and comfortable is a must. If you have big clunky fixtures that are beginning to look dated and bulky, a bathroom remodel is a good choice.

Older bathrooms aren’t always prepared for the kind of storage needs we have now. If you are like most families, you buy some of your most important toiletries in bulk. While you’re waiting to get down to the next tube of toothpaste or going through 80 rolls of toilet paper, you’ll need someplace to put it all.

Bathroom remodeling transforms your space to make it more space efficient and less cluttered. In addition, when remodeling your bathroom, adding a new color of paint or some brighter light fixtures might open up your space even more.

2. Tackle Plumbing Issues

While the cosmetic improvements are important, fixing what’s behind the fixtures is also important. If you’re going to be tearing things out, you might as well go a layer deeper and make any plumbing changes you’ve been meaning to. If your toilet isn’t getting enough water or you’ve suspected a leak somewhere, you can tackle it now during the remodel.

Little plumbing issues always lead to bigger ones. So save your cash and put that money into your remodeling instead.

Home improvements can be more functional than aesthetic and you’ll probably be happier when you make those functional changes. Enjoying a new knob or fixture is temporary but having better water pressure can be an ongoing pleasure. If you’re able to take showers the way you want to take them, you’ll thank yourself for doing the bathroom remodel the right way.

3. Make it More Efficient

While you might be thinking of your remodeling plan as a plan to spend more money on your home, it could be a plan to save a little money in the future. When you have old fixtures that waste water, you’ll be paying a higher water bill that’s unnecessary. Rather than living another day with a bathroom that wastes your money and leaves you unsatisfied, think of upgrading. Homes that are upgraded with better fixtures end up using much less water than older ones.

On top of your plumbing, your bathroom could be outfitted with better and more energy efficient lighting. Swapping out LED bulbs for incandescents is nice if your lighting is actually good. If you’re still going to be disappointed in the lighting in your bathroom, you should make it more efficient while getting what you need from it.

Lower your home’s carbon footprint while also making it a more pleasant room to spend time in with the right choices.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or refinancing it to take out a loan, increasing your home’s value is always a good idea. When you improve your bathroom, the value of your house increases also. It’s one of the few spaces in your home where the money you put in can return to you at almost the same rate.

When potential buyers or appraisers come to look at your home, they’re going to look in the kitchen and the bathroom. If they see upgrades and updates there, they’re more likely to see the home as being more valuable. You can negotiate for a higher price if you’ve spent time and money working on the bathroom.

5. Enjoy Your Space

One of the big reasons to add money into your bathroom is to think about how much convenience and relaxation means to you. Not only can you clean up your space and make it roomier, but improvements could add to the way you feel. Improving your bathroom means giving yourself more space, more organization, more options, and a wonderful feeling that you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom remodeling means different things to different homeowners but overall, it means you’ll be enjoying more relaxing bath and shower times. Few homeowners could argue against the importance of that.

A Bathroom Remodel Makes Dreams A Reality

If you’ve thought about a bathroom remodel in the past, you’ve probably been intimidated by how much work it would take. However, if you’re willing to get some help from professionals, you’ll have it finished quickly and easily without disrupting your home life too much.

If you’re wondering if your improvements will end up changing your property taxes, check out our guide for more information.