Choosing a Headboard to Fit Your Space

How often do you think about your headboard? In many cases, it can be the centerpiece of your bedroom—adding visual interest as well as support for your bed. However, not every headboard is the same. Depending on the space you have available, you may have particular needs when it comes to this vital piece of furniture. Here are five things to consider when choosing a new headboard for your room.58

  • Size – While those oversized headboards are beautiful and can be a conversation piece, they do not always work in every room. If your bedroom is on the small side, a little headboard, or, at least, a delicate one, may be in order. Choosing one that is sized appropriately for your space is vital. Additionally, it is also essential that the headboard matches your mattress size correctly so that there is no gap.
  • Material – what do you think of when you think about a headboard material? Do you think of wrought iron or wood? While those are probably the most standard options, there are many other materials too. Wicker, plastic, cloth and even bamboo are all possibilities. Choose a material that will add interest and visual appeal to your home.
  • Space – The space your headboard takes isn’t always the same thing as the size. Some rooms simply don’t have the space to support a traditional post-set headboard. In this case, you could hang a headboard on the wall instead. This means choosing a flat board that can be easily attached. If you do want a headboard with posts, think about how much side to side space it will take too—if you have limited room, such as if you are placing your bed between windows, this may be key.
  • Storage – Did you know that a headboard can be an additional form of storage? While this will normally only be the case with a wooden board, it is possible to find headboards that have built-in shelves or drawers that boost your storage options. Storage like this is an incredible tool for those suffering from a lack of closet space, such as in a small apartment or an older home.
  • Style – At the end of the day, finding a headboard comes down to style. You need a board that matches your personal taste and the style of your room. Don’t let anything else get in the way of choosing a board that matches your desires.

While the headboard is a vital piece in your bedroom, it is just one element. If you decide to go “all in” and renovate the entire bedroom, contact us at Lars Remodeling. We are San Diego’s top choice for all types of home remodel projects. We would love to help you create the home of your dreams.