Choosing Elements of Comfort in a Bath Remodel

More and more homeowners are making changes to the bath areas of their San Diego homes as a separate project or as part of a whole home remodel. For many, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house. It doesn’t have to be. Custom remodeling projects can double the size of your bath area, making it a comfortable place suited to your lifestyle. It can also incorporate safety and eco-friendly elements into the design.

Bath Space
When planning your San Diego bathroom remodel, you might be interested in his and hers bath designs. Imagine having two sinks side by side so that you don’t have to wait for someone else to finish before you can brush your teeth. A second bath or shower may come in handy so that you can begin or end your day at your own pace. Another remodeling option is to create ample storage space that’s easy to reach and hides your personal items from public view.

Personal Spa
A luxury master bath might have warm floors, a spa tub and a walk-in shower. You can also add vanity space, extra towel racks and elegant fixtures to suit your own personal style.

Safety and Serenity
Consider elements for seniors, adults and children or in your household. Your bathroom remodeling project can provide safety features that keep everyone in mind. From non-slip floors to hand-holds on the walls to water temperature regulators, the bath area can be a safer retreat down to the last detail. There are also many green options available, such as tankless water heaters and eco-friendly flooring materials.

Whether you’re including a new bathroom as part of a home addition for your San Diego house or you’re simply updating the bath space you have now, take the time to choose the elements that suit your household best. To learn more about the possibilities for a home remodel, contact the professionals at Lars Remodeling & Design.