Creating Your Dream Master Bathroom

Creating Your Dream Master Bathroom

How to Create Your Dream Master Bathroom

Planning a master bath remodel can feel a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Your master bathroom should be practical, maximize the use of space, and look amazing. Follow these simple steps to turn your existing bathroom into your dream bathroom with a master bath remodel:

Identify your needs

The first step when planning your master bath remodel is to think about the key features your master suite needs. A great way to start this process is to think about the good and bad points of your current master bathroom. Do you wish there were two sinks so both you and your partner could get ready at the same time? Is there a bathtub that you never use? Is there enough space to move around? Make a list of the key features you’d like in your new master bathroom.

Choose a layout

You might be surprised to find out that bathroom designs can be based on a 1-wall, 2-wall, or 3-wall layout. This means that features are either all on a single wall or spread across two or three of your bathroom walls. Layouts not only affect the look of your finished bathroom but also have an impact on the amount of work needed to install your bathroom suite! 1-wall layouts are the most simple and affordable design as all of the plumbing and drains required are installed along one wall. However, a 1-wall design heavily restricts how your bathroom can be laid out. Investing in the installation of additional plumbing work to accommodate a 2 or 3-wall design will make a huge difference to the layout options available and the finished look of your bathroom.

Make the most of available space

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a large master bathroom or your bathroom space is more limited it’s important to optimize the use of space. A poorly planned bathroom can be the difference between your dream master bath and an average master bath remodel. Once you’ve identified your key needs for the room you can start to plan how to best use the available space. A good bathroom designer will be able to plan a functional and beautiful bathroom as the first step on your master bath remodel.

Picture the style

When you imagine undertaking a master bath remodel what does the finished master bath look like? Bathrooms can be remodeled in many styles, defining the finished look of your remodeled bathroom will help your bathroom designer create design plans that turn your existing bathroom into your dream master bath. Whether you’re looking for a sleek design that fits your modern home, or a more traditional look that ties into your classic house, there’s a bathroom suite available to bring your dreams to life. For design inspiration try browsing through completed master bath remodels on Houzz!

Plan all aspects of your master bath remodel

There are many design choices needed to create your dream master bath! Once you’ve picked your layout you’ll need to start thinking about which bathtub, shower, toilet and sink to use. Choosing a bathroom suite can really define the style of your remodeled master bath, but choosing the bathroom suite is just the beginning! To create the finished look of your master bath remodel you’ll also have to choose flooring, wall finishes, vanity style, accessories, and lighting. When choosing lighting it’s important to add enough lighting to make your bathroom practical but also install lighting features that create the atmosphere you want for the room.

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