Designing a Bar in Your Home

There’s nothing like sharing a nice drink at the end of a hard day at work, relaxing with friends and family and shedding the tensions of the day. While there are plenty of fine drinking establishments for you to enjoy in San Diego, there is something to be said for partaking in your favorite beverages in the comfort of your own home.

Not only can you keep the premises stocked with the beverages you and your friends and family prefer the most, you can control the mood as well as the type of clientele when the bar is under your own roof. Perhaps best of all, you don’t need to apply for a liquor license to enjoy drinking in a home bar.

Setting up a bar in your home requires knowledge of the latest design trends. This is why so many local homeowners turn to the professionals at Lars Remodeling when they want to upgrade their house with a new bar. Here are some elements to consider when designing a bar in your home.



The lighting you use will have an impact on the mood of your home’s bar. Whether you prefer a sedate and dimly lit ambiance for low-key conversations or want to make it bright and colorful to evoke a more festive appearance, the lights you select will make a big difference.

You can consult with your design team about the best fixtures to install to meet your particular aesthetic needs, from a modern approach to a more classic look.

Bar Top

Where will people rest their elbows when imbibing with you? The bar top may be made from wood or even recycled materials, depending on the look you want to establish.

A good way to get an idea of your options is to set up a computer model with a designer that lets you try out different bar counter types to see how they will affect the overall style of your home bar.

Bar Stools

Your bar won’t seem authentic if you don’t include some traditional bar stools. You will want them to look as good as they feel, so don’t be shy about trying out as many different models as you like until you find a type that will be comfortable as well as stylish.

Refrigerator and other Appliances

For many occasions, drinks you offer will require the use of traditional appliances, some of which you might be duplicating from your kitchen, only in smaller sizes. For example, include a refrigerator and freezer so you can offer chilled libations. A regular blender as well as an immersion blender will help when making special frozen or mixed drinks.

For your guests who prefer a hot beverage, consider including a coffee maker, espresso machine or at least a microwave oven to boil water for a quick cup of tea.

 Wine Storage

If you plan to serve a variety of wine but do not have plans to install a complete wine cellar in your home, you still need a stylish and convenient method to store each bottle as you age your favorite wines in anticipation of special celebrations.

Instead of keeping wine bottles behind the bar, consider setting up a dedicated wine storage area under the stairs.

Audio Visual System 

To round out the ambiance of your home bar, you’ll want to include an audio system for playing background music. Depending on your style preferences, you might also want to install a flat screen TV so you and your guests can enjoy live sports, important awards shows and other must-see events.

When upgrading your home, it pays to go with a remodeling company that has a proven track record in coming up with luxurious and cutting edge designs. The professional designers at Lars Remodeling have been helping customers with all their home remodeling needs in the greater San Diego area for 25 years. For more information on designing a bar for your home or to set up an appointment to begin a new project, please contact Lars Remodeling today.