Different Tub and Shower Styles for Your Bathroom

When deciding to renovate a home, one of the things many people decide they want is a new high-end tub or shower. This makes sense. Not only can the right bathtub or shower be relaxing and enjoyable for you, it can add value to your home for resale purposes too. While the options are nearly limitless, here are three soothing tub styles and two invigorating shower styles you may want to consider for your renovation.

  • Clawfoot Tub – This classic look is appealing from a design standpoint. However, they are also very relaxing. A large clawfoot tub is roomy and comfortable. This style of tub is ideal in many bathrooms where other designs just would not fit. If you are going for a traditional design, you will certainly want to keep this option in mind for the fantastic design aspects. Today’s clawfoot tubs come in different colors and materials, so you are not necessarily stuck with the “same old” white porcelain either.45
  • Walk-in Tub – A walk-in tub is an ideal choice for anyone with mobility issues. However, they are not all function anymore. The walk-in options today have plenty of style and flair as well as function. If you want a deep, soaking bathtub, you may find that a walk-in tub is an excellent option. While the largest baths do take more space, there are smaller, compact designs that can fit even in smaller bathrooms.
  • Jetted Tub – The epitome of the spa-like experience for many people is the jetted tub. Imagine soaking away your worries in a large tub, and then turning the jets on to relax your tired muscles. Jetted tubs are available in numerous sizes and designs. In fact, you can practically replicate the experience of a hot tub in your bathroom with the right jetted tub!
  • Walk-in Shower – Do not struggle with a shower curtain—the walk-in shower allows you to step into a shower with ease. In fact, a large walk-in has room for two, if that is something that appeals to you from a practical standpoint. Tile showers are especially attractive, but there are other interior options available too.
  • Glass Stall Shower – When space is an issue, but you do not want to sacrifice style, a glass stall shower could be the perfect solution. Full glass doors give a touch of class and beauty, but these stalls are available in all sizes—even for the smallest shower spaces.53

While important to the overall feel and enjoyment of the room, a new tub or shower is only the beginning! If you would like to learn more about the options available for creating that spa-like retreat in your bathroom that you have always dreamed of, contact us at Lars Remodeling today. We would love to work with you!