Dining Room Makeovers to Suit Your Lifestyle

Creating more usable dining room space can play a significant role in your San Diego home remodel. From knocking down walls that divide it from the kitchen to keeping the structure and updating tired windows, ceilings and carpeting, a dining room makeover can transform one of the most seldom used rooms in your home to one of the most inviting. Your first choice is to decide whether it will primarily be a formal or casual dining atmosphere. This influences the types of materials and furnishings used in your San Diego home remodel.

Creating Elegance
Choose from different types of elegant flooring, such as polished hardwoods, marble or natural stone floors. Look for something that’s beautiful yet easy to keep clean. Walls and floors with a more traditional formal appearance have more subtle tones. Single and two-tone geometric shapes are more common in a formal setting. A large table and hanging chandelier or fixture are classic additions to the formal dining room. You might also like to add or restore cornice work. One of the most traditional purposes for dining room space is the china cabinet. Finding a suitable place for large pieces of furniture can be challenging, and may require the creativity of a skilled San Diego home remodeling firm.

Going Casual
A less formal floor sets the tone. Some common options include area rugs, wood, laminate and unpolished natural stone flooring. Built-in seating is another way to make the dining room less formal. Bay windows with bench seating create a casual and comfy atmosphere. An accent wall can also brighten up your dining room and make it more relaxed. Consider flooring or wall coverings with patterns and brighter colors.

If you plan to entertain frequently, be sure that the layout suits your goal. For example, a low chandelier in the center of the room might be ideal for sit-down dinners, but could pose problems for a buffet-style gathering when the table is moved to the side for serving. Room for seating and serving can be worked into the remodeling design.

For more ideas about how to remodel your dining room, consult with our Lars Remodeling design and build team.