Do’s & Don’ts of Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a design feature that has been very popular over the past few years. However, utilizing this element in any room at any time isn’t always going to wind up creating a winning design. It is important to realize that exposed brick works best with certain schemes. Check out our do’s and don’ts of exposed brick and make sure you are utilizing it in the best way possible for your home, office or other space.Exposed Brick Wall


  • Make it the Feature – The exposed brick will be your feature wall. You will likely want to pare back on your other decorating in the room to allow the exposed brick to shine.
  • Try Something New – Brick doesn’t have to be boring. There are many colors and styles beyond the same old red shade. Try something different and unique.
  • Maintain – Remember that when you use brick inside you will need to maintain the stones to help keep them looking good. If you aren’t willing to clean and maintain them, consider a different type of finish.


  • Go Overboard – Using exposed brick on multiple walls or in more than one room can be overkill. You want to use exposed brick as an accent, not as the entire interior design.
  • Compete With Wood – If you are using brick with wood in the same room, make sure the tones pair well. The wrong color combination can be a disaster.
  • Go Too Rustic – It’s easy to get a rustic look with exposed brick. However, if you choose other rustic elements, it is easy to fall into the country-style trap and wind up with a look that is overwhelming. Perhaps you will want to pair your brick with a few modern touches for a balanced design.
  • DIY – While some jobs are suitable to do it yourself, laying brick is a big job. When you try to do a brick wall yourself, you could potentially create a big mess. Work with an expert to make sure your results are beautiful.

As you can see, you can’t just expose brick here or there and expect the look to “wow” everyone who sees it! It takes a trained eye to utilize exposed brick and get that awesome rustic design to work. If you are considering the addition of exposed brick or any other significant design element in your space, why not work with the experts? Contact us at Lars Remodeling and let our San Diego designers give you the beautiful custom look you have always wanted. We are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction—and can’t wait to create something unique and elegant just for you.